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Record number of women elected in municipal elections
Maya Margit, The Media Line
Published: 02.11.18, 23:49
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1. That’s wonderful but the standard should be specific
Tehraniporou   (11.03.18)
Women having passed the age of 50 should not be elected in national positions. Sexy women in their 30s must be the ambassador of a country
2. Moms, Daughters, Sisters, Wives, this is great for Israel .
Ken   (11.03.18)
May they bring peace to all and stop the killing.
3. Only 11 women elected ????
David ,   Paris   (11.03.18)
Only 11 women elected ?????
4. Scriptures warns about the time when women rule. HRC and
Rivkah   (11.04.18)
Angela Merkel, Nancy Pelosi, and other obstructive females in power=chaos. Merkel has destroyed the Deusche Bank with costs of criminal immigrants, mostly adult males to rape and rob and destroy. They want to destroy the culture of the West by flooding nations with immigrants who hate the Western culture and religions. More women and children (Justin Trudeau of Canada is a child not a man, ruining Canada) in office. Legalizing marijuana will lead to more psychotic people from damage to the pre-frontal lobe of the brain.
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