Solving Gaza crisis with water and energy
David Lehrer
Published: 03.11.18, 08:12
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1. Wake up, Lehrer
L Mayor ,   Penllyn   (11.03.18)
Lehrer, if you believe what you`ve written, you`ve learned nothing from real life events. If you don`t believe what you`ve written, you`re another useful idiot propagandist of the left. The problems with gaza in relation to Israel have nothing to do with economics, but, are derived from islam, which is the driving force behind the ruling class of gaza and the great majority of its denizens. Islam commands its adherents to convert, subjugate or kill all non believers. The rulers of gaza have chosen to try to kill all Jews, but, so far haven`t had the wherewithal to do so....but, until they are exterminated, or, permanently shipped out of the area, they will never stop trying.
2. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (11.03.18)
nonsense. stop dreaming. there is an enemy directed by a determined leadership that wants to kill every Jew in Israel and those who survive shipped out, on the border. they will not give up til every last potential terrorist is dead. you may not solve the problem but only be able to contain it. positive is that it
unites a fractious people.
3. No amount of aid will change Arabs inherent tendency to
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.03.18)
be violent
4. Who is this fantasy writer? An America Jew from Park Avenue
naro   (11.03.18)
What can Israel do when Hamas is in control and has absolutely no interest to improving the life of the people of Gaza. On the contrary, it is in Hamas interest to keep the carbuncle growing.

Israel does not control access to Gaza alone. Dont forget that Egypt also has a border with Gaza so Mr. Lehrer should ask Egypt to do the job that Israel can't do because Hamas will not allow it.
5. Helping Gaza = helping Hamas
David Sade ,   Budapest   (11.03.18)
...Hmmmmm… See what happened to the cement and water-pipes, etc... that were allowed amongst the supplies from Israel to Gaza. They went into tunnels, primitive rockets and the likes. When you have uneducated people subjected to tyranny of their own choosing you cannot help them from the outside. The solution can only come from within Gaza, when those masses had enough of Hamas propaganda and will rise up...
6. Backwards
Ed ,   USA   (11.04.18)
Desperate people in Gaza should be attacking their own government--the real cause of their woes. A Gazan pledge to accept the state of Israel as a Jewish state would begin an enormous revitalization of the area. Obviously, Hamas is not interested in the well-being of its citizens. The author is simply delusional.
7. Why is this even a thing?
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (11.04.18)
It's NOT our responsibility - they would have an infrastructure if they'd have spent the billions that were given to them on water and electricity infrastructures - but no, they chose to build tunnels and buy rockets. Not our problem!
8. They need go to EU where everything is free & life is easy
jore ,   la   (11.04.18)
9. Hate to say it, but Lehrer is totally wrong
brian cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (11.04.18)
There is no such thing as a "sustainable solution" with Hamas in power. Sorry, Mr. Lehrer, but you are wrong. Heaping practical solutions onto an Islamofascist welfare state will only make the problem worse, not better. All you will do is entrench a military dictatorship that will clamp down even harder on Gazans keeping them as no better than indentured serfs. And, of course, with the extra resources you will free up Hamas will get worse, not better.
10. Nobody buys such crap these days (maybe Meretz zombies?)
11. That article is pure Bull!
Brad ,   USA   (11.04.18)
When Israel vacated Gaza, they left behind water, energy, greenhouses, etc. In other words, Israel left a good, functioning, infrastructure for the "Palestinians" to assume control of and live a good life in peace. That means they already had "water and energy", but that wasn't good enough was it? The "palestinians" trashed everything that Israel left for them, and commenced a lot of Islamist terrorist attacks against Israel. If "water and energy" didn't work then, "water and energy" won't work now either.
12. Solve the Gaza crisis by retaking it forever and ...
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.05.18)
Yet another moronic Jewish leftist wants Israel to continue pampering our mortal "Palestinian" foes. Solve the Gaza crisis by retaking Gaza forever and helping "Palestinians" leave. It is time to rebuild Gush Katif bigger and better than ever! It is a crime to destroy beautiful thriving Jewish communities in Gaza to help our mortal "Palestinian" foes harm us and plot our destruction.
13. Scandal!
Ed ,   USA   (11.05.18)
What a crisis! What a scandal!

YNET has the nerve to allow an op ed that makes realpolitik sense, that actually diverges from mindless support of policies of the govt that clearly are a failure, and are in accord with Jewish values.

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