Al Akhbar publishes draft of Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal
Elior Levy
Published: 03.11.18, 19:45
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1. Israel is a the country of dhimmis ,ghetto Jews
ab   (11.03.18)
5000 mortal enemies allowed to work in Israel,receipe for disaster
2. If you feel it’s to high a price to pay,leave.Problem solved
Ken   (11.04.18)
3. Why not just give the country away ?
DSM ,   USA   (11.04.18)
Those Israeli leaders who agreed to this deal obviously don't care about the country.
4. seasefire deal
adrianus ,   seagrove   (11.04.18)
I do not think this will work, Hamas will never give up it's power and pay out the money and run clandestine operations again if the fishing zone is increased and open borders
all I can say is we see when the final draft is accepted and signed
5. Looks like Israeli capitulation.
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.04.18)
Gazans know all they have to do is riot a few weeks and Santa Claus Bibi will give them anything to make them stop.
6. "Baby doesn't cry-baby doesn't eat": seems to work for Arabs
7. Domesticating blood thirsty Hyenas?! Good Bloody Luck.
Cushi ,   Brisbane   (11.04.18)
8. It is a very, very bad idea.
C   (11.04.18)
regardless of other problems, gaza remains a terror entity which is part
of the iran shia terror entity's sphere of influence.

the entire deal is as bad as the sham iran deal.

supposedly, israel will get three years of "calm," while israel will allow
5000 gazans to enter israel, and the fishing zone will be extended
14 nautical miles from 6, thus allowing much increased smuggles
by the terrorists.
egypt will work to lift 70% of the blockade on gaza.
a permanent opening of the rafah crossing and other crossings.

israel gets supposedly three years of calm for very substantial
concessions. these concessions will remain permanent and will
remain a permanent threat to israel. what are netanyahu and
lieberman thinking.
maybe they are thinking that within three years the shia terror
regime will be gone. there is no such guarantee.
9. In short Hamas keeps building
Avi L.   (11.04.18)
In short Hamas gets a reprieve, keeps doing what it has been doing and Israel is happy keeping doing as if one day Hamas will disappear o its own

As if the car will fix itself, the dishes will clean on their own ...
10. 1001 Nights seems to be working for Hamas
how stupid is it to hang for the ending of the unfinished tale so many times? finish Hamas, and if the next emerging governing organization in Gaza does not learn the lesson from its predecessor's faith finish it too.
11. Hamas Wish List?
A Simple Jew ,   Beer Sheva   (11.05.18)
This "agreement" is a crushing defeat for Israel and a brilliant win for Hamas. Is this story just Hamas' propaganda, or did Israel really agree to these terms of surrender? I note that the story comes with no confirmation or denial from Israeli government sources.
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