Democratic midterms win: Good for Iran, bad for Israel?
Eytan Gilboa
Published: 05.11.18, 23:57
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1. wake up and smell the coffee!
david ,   new york   (11.06.18)
any Zionist who is deluding himself into believing that the democrats are not so bad for Israel, needs to wake up and smell the coffee. this is not the democratic party of a generation ago. a vote for a democratic congressman or senator is a vote against Israel, even if they individually professes support for Israel, guess what: they aren't going to oppose their party. if you vote for an Elliot Engel, you are really voting for an ocasio-cortez who supports BDS.
norpoac (nonpartisan) sent an email with a list of the 9 worst candidates for Israel (all of them democrats).
don't delude yourselves!
don't be a sucker!

2. If the Democrats win.....
DSM ,   USA   (11.06.18)
and it looks like the will take back the House, you can thank America's liberal and conservative Jews who overwhelmingly vote for the Democrats.
3. Dems have become a force for everything detrimental to US
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.06.18)
4. Look MAGA's 666 Luciferian signalage like Bibi.
NYNY   (11.06.18)
5. the odds are just too in Trump's favor
Cameron   (11.06.18)
This "blue wave" the Dems yearn for shall not be.

This Republican administration has been one of continuous success both domestically and abroad 2 years in.

The national mood is simply too upbeat and confident.

We will continue to hold the Senate, and though they will pick up seats in the House, not enough to swing control.

The revitalized & roaring ahead economy is the weapon & strength that thwarts Dem hopes of popular dissatisfaction & discontent rolling into the voting booths.
6. Prayers for Democrats to retake the House
Don't recognize our country... fight for Democratic and incidentally Jewish values, underway. Hoping for the best. Enough white (and neo -Nazi nationalism). Out with Trump.

Huge mistake supporting Trump because he was pro-Israel. We will all suffer the post- Trump consequences, unfortunately.

7. Wow! Liberal Israeli paper recognizes Dems...
Hillary Likes It Wet   (11.06.18)
are no friend of Israel. That's a start. Now maybe American Jews will start to wake up.
8. Election
Chuck ,   SF, USA   (11.06.18)
Just as Israelis couldn’t care less about the toxic effect the Trump administration and his party have on the fabric of American society, as long as his policies favor Israel, Israelis may come to discover that American consideration of Israel’s opinions have equally little currency.
9. all true- but if Trump prevails, US goes fascist & collapses
Rafi ,   US   (11.06.18)
as the world's leading democracy... that too will not be good for Israel's long term well-being, and certainly not for Amer Jews of ALL persuasions, Orthodox included... whether they realize it or not.

Just a few minor things @ stake here!

So yes, while we all went to see the criminal Iranian regime get squeezed... not at the price of losing America as conceived by the Founding Fathers, Lincoln, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, Obama, etc....
10. Soul of America vs. support for Israel
Chuck ,   SF,USA   (11.06.18)
Israelis, who couldn't care less that Trump and his party have practically destroyed the fabric of American society as long as he supports Israel, should not be surprised if Americans become equally uninterested in Israeli opinions about American politics.
11. PRAY and if your a Republican supporter go out and VOTE
zionist forever   (11.06.18)
12. Anything that is good for Israel, is good for the US
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.06.18)
13. Is Israel a Sovereign nation or a American state?
Ken   (11.06.18)
14. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (11.06.18)
be careful what you wish for. Trump is not the genius friend of Israel you are led to believe.. he may in time demand concessions from Israel to enhance his own prestige that may not be in the best interests of Israel. no country has true friends because every country has self interests. and political leaders are politicians with CEO label.
15. How times change
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (11.06.18)
The political climate in both Israel and the USA has moved so far to the right that anyone to the left of Genghis Khan is considered a radical socialist. This is why so many people have forgotten the lessons of WWII and are willing to throw in their lot with conmen and demagogues. A Democrat dominated Congress might just halt this dangerous nonsense and lead to better tomes both for Israel and the USA. My fear, though, is that things have gone too far. It does seem that the only thing people learn from history is that people learn nothing from history.
16. Done!
Cameron   (11.07.18)
Did me civic duty today in good faith this afternoon.

Those running the polling station for my area said there had been a steady flow the entire day of citizens rolling in to cast their vote.


Now the matter must play itself out for the final tally.
17. Democrats pose big danger to America and Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.06.18)
The author is absolutely correct. Democrat success, in the midterm elections, would be VERY bad news for both America and Israel. Two of their main policies are to flood America with illegal immigrants and become an ally of Iran. The Democrat's real loyalty is to the U.N. and the New World Order. They are against both America and Israel. Obama admitted he placed "international law" above the U.S. Constitution. That says it all!
18. Acceptable outcome
Cameron   (11.07.18)
The Blue Wave just didn't come through to change the political landscape.

The Senate remains in Republican hands.

Dems are fated to spend the years ahead battling Trump with only one arm.

I am good with that arranging of political power in DC.
19. Good for Iran, bad for Israel?
lazerbenabba ,   London, England   (11.07.18)
The Dem's in the US are and have become like a mirror image of the UK Labour Party under the thinly disguised Communist Jeremy Corbyn with its rabid antisemism within the party and being examined by the British police.

Unfortunately the US will have to work through this painful transition until they realise the 5th column in their midst will cause untold misery and fracture their once cohesive population.
The fact that the Democratic party is actively criticising Israel's self defence and other aspects of Israel society is a clear indication of the subversive antagonism that they have to the only Democracy in the ME.
They maintain that it is the act of a friend to criticise what they perceive as Israel's wrongdoing and not against the Jews of Israel, when we all know that this is a camouflage to the intrinsic dislike of Jewish self determination, now further exacerbated by the growing antisemitism nurtured by the prolific expansion of Islamism in their party.
20. Ynet Is An Israeli New Organization
Marjorie S Rosenfeld ,   Plano, TX   (11.07.18)
Everyone who comments here should please note that ynetnews is Israel's daily source in English for breaking news about Israel and World Jewry. That's why there's nothing in this article about what's good for the United States.
21. Very good analysis Eytan. I agree with everything mentioned
Tehraniporou   (11.07.18)
There one element that change everything. (Disclaimer usual joke) If shaked discloses her affairs with me and there are leaks of her dances where she gets spanked and she moans for more, the paradigme will change and young people will pour into the steet out of the protest of not having a bit of her legs
22. US 2018 midterm elections
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (11.08.18)
Whether we like it or not, it is the choice of the US American people.
23. Yeah, the "children" will be House majority.
Brad ,   USA   (11.08.18)
Nancy Legosi will probably be House speaker again. I hope so, because when she speaks, she talks stupid for all to see. Putting democrats in charge of anything is like trusting a chimpanzee with matches and dynamite.
24. A draw
Cameron   (11.08.18)
Tremendous build up, but with rather low key outcome.

The citizenry here has already shrugged & moved on to other concerns.
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