Inglorious parliamentarians
Shlomo Pyuterkovsky
Published: 07.11.18, 11:30
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1. ad hominem attacks: always worked, always will
Politics is dirty and political correctness bullshit. Unfortunately, the means justifies the end In Israel like everywhere else. Even being politically correct is just a means to an end and under the skin, bigotry reigns.
2. Nth new
Amro ,   Jerusalem   (11.07.18)
This nth new to the israeli society, vulgar and ill mannered
3. Please keep it there
Trump is the same in the U.S.


Say what you want about Obama, he conducted himself in a dignified manner; one for children to emulate, fitting of his office.

This conduct has to go. It is beneath civilized society.
4. Erdan wants to de criminalize Marijuana. Our security minist
Eden   (11.07.18)

Elected to protect Israel and he wants to make drug Marijuana not a criminal offense.

Please tell him to get out. Along with the others who insult innocent people.
5. And the media's no better.
Jake   (11.07.18)
Robert ,   Israel   (11.07.18)
These people become MKs, because there are people like them who voted for them. Being a Knesset Member doesn't demand that he has to be an illustrated person, nor a clever one. Many times MKs are people whose tongue moves faster than what their brains can do. This is not only an exclusive Israeli problem. It happens all over the world. In this article you find two of those sad examples.
7. unfortunately yes -
hwi ,   Or Akiva   (11.07.18)
- this is a mirror of society in general, and unfortunately the example for all is set by the snide remarks, arrogance and disrespect that our prime minister shows the people who elected him.
A rare exception is president Rivlin who successfully tries to bridge gaps and speaks respectfully of and to everybody.
Only if we all learn to be more humble and respect the other can we get over this sad phase in human history.
8. Mrs
Tamar ,   Newark   (11.07.18)
How do we have an MK (Aryeh Deri) who was served a 3 year jail sentence for bribery and corruption and is now in the position of Minister of the Interior? Nowhere else in the civilized world would this be acceptable. Shame.
9. and people, especially the young, see this
doda   (11.07.18)
and say that disrespectful behaviour is norm and that hate is accepted.
Another reason to leave this godforsaken country.
10. isn't it about time to remove those showing lack of respect
lili   (11.07.18)
to their co-workers, to the opposition, to women, to hilonim, to people in general
11. Oren Hazan is ok
Phoenix   (11.07.18)
The question is why we leftist scum and Arab enemies inside the Jewish Knesset. You the writer of this post is one of the scumbags that shouldn’t live here!
12. "Cut ze bull$hit!" said Minister Regev to all of us...
If Minister Regev can dish it out, then she should be able to take it back!
If she can't well then she can retire from public life...no one except Mrs. Prime Minister of Israel will miss her!
13. Oren Hazan is Israel’s most acclaimed comedian
Tehraniporou   (11.08.18)
Please don’t spare us the good laughs
14. MK Oren Hazan is a disgrace
Alexander Scheiner   (11.08.18)
to Israeli MK, to Israeli politicians. He is the typical Likud bully, extremist views, racist but of course, wears a kipper.

I hope that Likud will disappear in Israeli politics.

15. Other states don't allow their foes into their parliaments
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.10.18)
Nothing unsavory happens in the Knesset that doesn't also happen in every parliament in the Free World. With one crucial exception. Other states don't allow their mortal foes to be represented in their parliament. That is the real problem in the Knesset.
16. When will Israelis have a nymphomaniac mk?
Tehraniporou   (11.10.18)
Stav? Ayelet?
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