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Former Nazi SS camp guard goes on trial
Associated Press
Published: 07.11.18, 15:57
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1. photo: never that clean, rats and stink
jore ,   la   (11.07.18)
2. too late, should have got a bullet in the head long ago.
3. Fast forward 50 yrs, IDFofficials going through same process
Ken   (11.07.18)
4. he is still a guard not a former guard.
oleg ,   Florida   (11.09.18)
he needs a liberal lefty american jew lawyer
5. Imagine... IDF Snipers hunted down for "guarding" Gaza
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.10.18)
What are their names, where are their photos, the world of the future will want to know.
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