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Rashida Tlaib: First Palestinian-American woman in US Congress
Published: 07.11.18, 18:55
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1. Rachida Tlaib
Maurice Rosenfeld ,   Antwerp   (11.07.18)
Why are comments only based on hate and intolerance. Is this the message Flloyd Beck wants to convey? Any intelligent comments?
2. She celebrated in US dressed in Pal Flag.I didnt see US flag
Alan ,   SA   (11.07.18)
in the celebration room. Did anyone see a USA Flag?
3. bad news. the Dems are radicalizing left.
hopefully tge American majority won't let the commies take power.
4. Will she take her oath of office on a Quran?
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.07.18)
You know, the Quran, the Muslim book which describes how to 'strike the neck' of the unbeliever. We offer her our best wishes for a useful and productive term at this time. But if she just becomes a tool of CAIR and gains access to FBI intelligence and gives that info to Muslim radicals, we are in for a long two years. Time will tell.
5. After Trump it's down the toilet for the ole USA. Sad to see
6. I’ve got one, congratulations.
Ken   (11.07.18)
7. Progressive?
Ed ,   USA   (11.08.18)
Amazing that far right Muslims could consider themselves progressive and be considered so by other Democrats. Since when is identity politics progressive?
8. Israel is becoming Partisan
President Obama said in a speech early in his Presidency, that the American people would not turn its back on the refugees created in '48.

President Trumps administration has pretty much tried to make the refugee situation disappear.

Our Congress is changing, it is more diverse.

The Democrats took the House, thank G-d, they did, it is best for the U.S., though maybe not for Israel, my opinion, and the Christian Zionists and White Nationalists of Trumps base will no longer be the only or loudest voice.

There are bills in Congress that have been defeated only to be
re-introduced, Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, Anti-Boycott and Anti-BDS Acts, that conflict with our strong rights here to freedom of speech.

The Palestinians were displaced, and they and descendants remain as refugees, there is a 50 year occupation, and there are Jews who have joined groups like JStreet, Jewish Voice for Peace, IfNotNow who support the Palestinian narrative for justice and freedom.

It isn't wise to let Israel become a partisan issue.

There are 2 narratives, like it or not.

Americans with loved ones in West Bank or Gaza care as much about them, as Jews do about their brothers and sisters within the green line.
9. The day after primary, dropped support for 2-state solution
Marshall ,   Detroit   (11.08.18)
She acted shamefully during the campaign, in the opinion of many. She proclaimed her support for the 2 state solution before her primary, and earned the support of J Street. The day after her primary, she changed her mind and said she was opposed to 2 states and wanted one state. J Street, which is a very liberal group, pulled its support from her. This was the fastest flip flop in history after she got Jewish voters on her side in the primary. Really low.

Here is a link to the story:
10. Mr.
Sheldon Greenberg ,   Jerusalem   (11.08.18)
Is she still considered a refugee? Seems like she has been settled.
11. Palestinian refugee
Jean-Pierre ,   Netherlands   (11.08.18)
Yes an intelligent comment: Is this lady still eligible for the status of refugee, daughter of refugee, grand daughter of refugee?
12. She wants Israel gone
David   (11.08.18)
Article should have stated it
13. Israel
John ,   New york   (11.08.18)
Your comments are sickening even for this gentile.
How can you betray your people. You are clearly delusional and need some psychotic .......
14. Right of Return
Dan   (11.08.18)
By having been elected, is she now off the lists of refugees in UNWRA? Has she renounced the right of return?
15. Wolf in sheep clothes
K ,   US   (11.08.18)
She should not be allowed as a position in power
16. She is a powerless piece of garbage
naro ,   nyc   (11.08.18)
The Congress always had a few enemies of Israel.
17. An Arab under any guise will remain Arab/Muslim and Enemy of
the West& our values.
No matter what's his/her mother language or nationality.
18. First Arabian-American woman in U.S. Congress.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (11.08.18)
It is to be hoped that she has the United-States American nationality and no other/double nationality of another country, at the same time.
19. Tide turning against Israel in America, Gaza, Syria, World
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.08.18)
Who will be the first PM of Palestine Israel, 2 States 1 Country? She or He will be from Gaza.
20. Another reminder not to vote democrat
David ,   New york   (11.08.18)
It has become an anti-Israel, anti-American far left party
There are a few moderates left, but all they do is carry the water for the radicals who are more and more controlling the party
21. Cool it, you sound like it’s Muslim takeover of the US.It’s
only a beginning of the tide that’s sweeping the world.
If the West doesn’t wake up from it’s stupor, THEN you’ll be correct in sounding the alarm bells !!!
oleg ,   Florida   (11.09.18)
23. There's no such thing as Palestinian American.
Brad ,   USA   (11.10.18)
There's no such thing as Palestinian. There's no such thing as Islamist speaking "truth to power", or to anyone else. There's no such thing as Islamist speaking truth at all. By the way, what is she thinking? In Islam women go to hell. The 70 virgins that men get are created afterward. They aren't women who went to heaven. I wish everyone would read the Koran and read what the historical Muslim scholars said about it. Islam would dissappear a lot sooner than it otherwise will.
24. Arab/Muslim ghouls chewing away on the very fabric of USA!
25. She hates Jews.
Reuven   (11.11.18)
This is very bad.
26. True to form, the increasingly Left-slanted Dems shall
willingly assist the Muslim wannabe Nazis in attacking Israel, Zionism and in the end: "The Jew" himself.
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