Police recommend indictment of 6 officials in Case 3000
Yedioth reporters
Published: 09.11.18, 13:56
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1. Bibi's almost 13 years as PM corrupted Him and His friends
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.09.18)
Bibi is also being protected from prosecution by His friends.

2. Israeli police has a 99% rate of indictment: nothing to be
proud of.
Probably one of the most corrupt police forces in the West....
I wouldn't jump for joy if I were "only not Bibi"-monkey.
3. i didn't know anything
ron   (11.09.18)
just as bibi was clueless in the protective edge Gaza encounter, he allegedly didn't know anything about the submarine affair , the people around him in the matter. for this alone, he should be thrown out of the pm office. time and again, he knows nothing about matters around him.he is a brilliant nerd but a practical moron. he feels a speech is better than a preemptive attack.

so what to do? Gabbay, livni and lapid are worse than him in security. but bennett is 10 times bibi in military skill. time to replace bibi with bennett if israelis care bout their lives.
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