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BDS groups call for boycott of Netta Barzilai's European tour
Itamar Eichner
Published: 11.11.18, 09:11
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1. Israel Cheated...Users televoted multiple times using
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.11.18)
... by clearing the browsing data after each vote.

Robert ,   Israel   (11.11.18)
Great envy, desperation, lack of brains, are some of the motives that make BDS followers exist. They don't look at all those real tyrannies that oppress their own people (and their neighbours), that make them starve while their leaders swim in money. These BDS are so narrow minded that if they even had the size of a "rice grain" of intelligence, they would direct their efforts in order to mend those terrible situations in which Africans starve daily and desperately cross the Mediterranean sea to find a better present and future in Europe. But, of course, we have first to ask if desperate Africans mean something to them.
3. BDS = Racist antisemites
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.11.18)
4. the antisemitic BDS has NOT been designed for the well-being
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (11.11.18)
of the Falastinians. BDS is entirely antisemitic, they demand boycott of Israeli and Jewish enterprises and academics. It is pure islamo-Fascism.

BDS is supported by Btselem, "Breaking the Silence" and the anti-Zionist "new Israel fund", the NIF = Notorious:Infame:Fiendish

Without the anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish NIF, BDS will fail.
5. looks more like a Dutch cow than a romantic singer
Eric adler ,   New York   (11.11.18)
6. BDS are antisemites
Phoenix   (11.11.18)
Their whole movement is hate. Antisemitism
7. sue them
naro ,   nyc   (11.11.18)
sue sue sue. defamation libel restrain of trade etc.
8. Numbers 23:9
" It is a nation that will dwell alone, and will not be reckoned ( included) among the nations ." This is all part and parcel of the contract ,the Brit , and is the price of being the chosen nation. In practical terms, it means we will be boycotted and excluded ,that is our fate .
9. If Antisemitism did not exist ?
We would quickly forget who we are .....
11. The BDS phenomenon against Israel
Moshe   (11.11.18)
It corroborates inter alia the proverb that 'it is difficult to change old habits'. During 2 millenniums of history Jews have been convenient scapegoat, and they continue to be such. There is no BDS or demonstrations against Syria, whose regime massacred some half million people, mostly civilians, using inter alia gas as weapon. There are not also such measures against Russia, which helped it with these atrocities. Turkey is exempted too, despite bombing Kurdish civilian villages and oppressing this nation. And does somebody mention the occupation of Tibet by China ? But democratic Israel, which liberated West Bank from Jordan's occupation in defensive war, and whose all nationals enjoy full civil rights, is being demonized and ostracized.
12. These are the very same people that feed obsessively pigeons
all over the world.
Their hate of Jews is of the same, mindless & thoughtless kind.
They need it to fill their pathetic lives with "meaning" , feeling of importance.
Lowly creatures indeed.
13. Don’t boycott the women in kimono just
Tehraniporou   (11.11.18)
Let’s raise funds so that she undergoes esthetic surgery. We have to work on so that we get near to a thin girl on tight dress which taunts and commands on the bed
14. Make no mistake
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.11.18)
BDS is NOT speaking or acting on behalf of Palestinians to advance Palestinian Statehood and self determination

Whoever these shady people are, often a mix of disturbed and disaffected Jews, fading celebs, Islamic fanatics, students without a cause, they do not raise money for good Palestinian causes, they do not volunteer for good Palestinian causes, they do not try to bring people together

Whatever their questionable motives they have nothing to do with Palestinian well being and everything to do with sabotaging and hurting Israel and Jewish Communities

As one BDS 'activist' recently lectured to me when asked for donations for a Palestinian Charity said..sorry mate 'BDS are not a charity but a 'political group' aimed at subverting Israel' now we know..

15. Hmmm, this racist bigot group calls Israel Apartheid. Irony!
larry ,   Or Yehuda   (11.12.18)
16. scream out loud: not your toy!
17. Bds Morons
Zvi ,   Toronto   (11.13.18)
BDS = Pathological people suffering from anti Jewish sickness reaching dangerous proportions
18. I call on BDS supporters to commit a mass suicide
k ,   US   (11.14.18)
do it NOW
19. Refugee crisis
Mark ,   London   (11.19.18)
Europe and US are reeling from a flood of refugees. Hardly any of them are Palestinians. It's not exactly clear to me whether Palestinians would even qualify for refugee status as there are so few applications.

The tide is supporting the rise in xenophobia of which antisemitism is a part.

There is almost no action by human rights organisations to agitate against those governments causing the exodus.
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