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Far-right group protests during Kristallnacht anniversary in Berlin
Einav Schiff
Published: 11.11.18, 12:40
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1. No big surprise, as a big number of Germans hate Israel...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.11.18)
This is German MAINSTREAM !!!!!!!
2. If they hate Israel, they're not "far right.
Brad ,   USA   (11.11.18)
They're fare left. National socialists (Nazis) are on the left as much as the communists, Islamists, socialists, and facists. All of them hate Israel, but the Messiah will put an end to all of them with a word.
3. And In Israel they throw pigs heads at a synagogue
TheHypocriticalLeft ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.15.18)
Last week a pigs head was thrown at a synagogue in Hod HaSharon
one of dozens of synagogue desecrations in Israel by supporters of the
"Liberal" Left lets have a discussion about this.....hello what ? The silence is deafening. Rabid hate of the synagogue and Judaism is just as evil here
in Israel.......
4. fake news-they demonstrate EVERY FRIDAY
Mo   (11.20.18)
That had nothing to do with the Kristallnacht.
They demonstrate every Friday.Most Right-Wing(Not RIghtwing Extremists)are pro Israel.Also the Org. is Italian i think.And the day is not a big deal,but there is also NO other day a big deal in germany.There is not one day in germany were people think they cant demonstrate.

But look how the german goverment voted at the UN-uh yes they are great friends of the Jews!
Also Merkel inv. the Romanian President that he dont build a embassy in Jerusalem.

Cant you see what they do?
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