IDF attacks at least 160 targets in Gaza
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy
Published: 13.11.18, 10:39
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1. In many posts I wrote IDF must collapse high rise buildings
Alan ,   SA   (11.13.18)
I wrote this many many many times-you can check back...They are part of the Hamas Billionaires property portfolios of stolen and misappropriated hauls, which they probably rent back to Hamas Political and Mililitary "wings". They are their "Nest Eggs" for old age.
Let them dare try to hit Israel buildings .
2. deplete and annihilate hamas and ij terrorists.
3. The buildings will be rebuilt again and again, but you must
Sami Sami ,   Ramallah   (11.13.18)
leave or else you will die ....go back to Poland or to America!
4. WOW, such daring. "Multi story" ....GTFOFH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Al-Amal Hotel Gaza
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.13.18)
There has been the suspicion that Sinwars control bunker lies directly under the Al-Amal building

Any word from Sinwar since? Or is he simply 'lying low' too scared to look at Gazans in the eye amid all the destruction that's been reaped upon Gaza and too scared to face the music?

Gaza has had ENOUGH. When this cycle of violence is over and Gaza counts the cost, Sinwar and his Hamas THUGS WILL BE BROUGHT TO ACCOUNT

And who does Sinwar think will pick up the bill to save his skin THIS TIME? PA? Qatar? UN? US? EU? IN HIS DREAMS

6. picture of israeli cabinet meeting
hal   (11.13.18)
a look at the picture of the Israeli cabinet meeting shows the main problem-it is netanyahu, the man backs away from a fight and hides behind endless meetings and useless words.he is paralyzed by fear. the idf congratulates itself on hitting empty buildings and making useless proclamations.

Israelis are responsible for this state of affairs. they keep electing cowards to be pm. you think feiglin or bennett would react the same way? At this rate you will have to go back to Poland or try to get into the usa which may be difficult under trump.
7. It's the Pals who will be kicked out to some Arab shitho*e
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.13.18)
There is no Jew who takes Palestinians and their threats seriously. You are seen as a bunch of violent idiots.
8. Please stop with the 'knock-first' warning.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.13.18)
If the IDF hasn't figured it out yet, the rats will simply regroup somewhere else- somewhere that the IDF will have to go track down.

They won't give up their plans to attack Israel, they'll just adjust to the situation and sometime in the future their new plans will result in Israeli deaths.

Shaka Zulu, the 18th century African ruler, said, "Never leave an enemy behind so that he may later come at your throat!" The IDF hasn't figured this out yet. (Well, they probably do know this- but Bibi and his crew don't.)

Hamas is not rational. Their jihadist hatefest against Israel is theological. Bombing a tall building may make the IDF feel better, but it doesn't make Israel any safer.

Select targets with lots of Hamas soldiers and then vaporize it.

It's the only way to be sure.
9. Israel does right strategy by NOT invading Gaza
Alan ,   SA.   (11.14.18)
Why should we risk lives of our young soldiers in invading that trash heap when the North borders are under such attack. . This problem in Gaza is directed from Salami and Sulimani HQ. It is NOT a Gaza plan.It is to get Israel enmeshed in a mess courtesy of IRAN. The North theatre of war is the most dangerous and risky
10. israeli response is a joke
jeff   (11.14.18)
Hamas looks like the stronger one here, moving, faking and then launching rockets. against them, Israel portrayed by steinitz and netanyah saying we can't invade, lets go for a ceasefire. in the meantime,hit empty buildings so we don't trigger Hamas to launch more.

the 2 of them are weaklings, a disgrace to Israel's fighting man. Hamas launched almost 500 rockets while Israel hit 160 targets some empty buildings. Israelis were killed and wounded while gazans for the most part were not. so Hamas wins this round and it is evident not just to them but to Israelis and on lookers.

when bibi says he acted responsibly, he is talking to himself and a few pathetic pacifists in his govt. surely israelis must be disgusted by bibi who is no Mr. security.rather he is Mr. weakling.

so if Israel faced Hezbollah in the same circumstances, nasrollah would launch 5000 rockets in 2 days while bibi and shteinitz would run to a ceasefire with a raised white flag

only Bennett or feiglin are the answer. livni gabbay and lapid are more of the same pacifist bibii..

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