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Wisconsin district investigates boys' apparent Nazi salute
Associated Press
Published: 13.11.18, 10:56
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1. Not Nazi Salutes-harmless advert for under arm deoderant
Alan ,   SA   (11.13.18)
2. Democrats REGAINED the House
Trumps rhetoric emboldens his neo-Nazi white supremacist base.

That makes it unsafe for Jews in the Diaspora.

Many believe his conduct instigated the Pittsburgh massacre even though he strongly came out against it. Letters were signed by Pittsburgh leaders.

Trump campaigned as Pro Israel and I was willing to support him because of that.

It was a mistake. No more.

Obama was right to criticize the settlement building as a barrier to peace, and acknowledge the plight of the refugees.

I AGREE with our Congressman they are taking their cues from Trump.


3. 100% result of Trump's rhetoric, blessing of right-wing base
Rafi ,   US   (11.14.18)
But saith our right-wing Jewish zealots... "how could this be?... Trump is so pro-Israel, he's our new messiah!"

Just cannot make the connection... Perhaps they'll finally get it as they're being led into the killing fields...
4. Neo Nazis are alive& always were. It boggles the mind, that
they use same symbols as the original, German ones that killed so many Americans/Russian (I'm not mentioning Jews) soldiers in WW2!
One would assume, that some basic sense of pride wouldn't allow these punks to sink so low, despite their hate of Jews/"colored" & what not....!
At least invent some bloody NEW flags, symbols, arm-movements and "secret" handshakes, you nitwits!
5. just teenagers taking a moment to offend & outrage
Cameron   (11.15.18)
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