Palestinians release video of Gaza border attack on IDF soldiers
Elior Levy
Published: 14.11.18, 09:06
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1. Arab stole Israel from Jews by war and expulsion now you out
jore ,   la   (11.14.18)
2. Arabs helped Romans destroy Judea - look it up..
3. C'mon soldiers, use your heads!
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.14.18)
You really think Hamas soldiers from Gaza are going to put up a flag next to the border just to show they can? These same Hamas creeps put explosives wrapped in candy bar wrappers on their balloons. You must expect everything that you find is a weapon. If Hamas plants a copy of Penthouse by the fence, expect it to blow up when touched. If you find anything, expect it to blow up instantly or when you take it back to your vehicle.

Hamas/Gaza goons may be sociopaths, but they're not dumb. Think of 'Q' from the James Bond movies- but an evil 'Q'.

This video proves that Hamas operatives always have you IDFers in their sight. Always ready to detonate something you might find.

This terrible lesson proves beyond doubt why the IDF needs to shoot to kill anyone that gets within 20 meters of the fence.
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