Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
This is not how you create deterrence
Ron Ben Yishai
Published: 13.11.18, 21:20
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1. Respect Hamas---but Destroy It!
Ed ,   USA   (11.13.18)
Sooner or later Israel will have to go into Gaza and remove Hamas. There is no alternative. Hamas has always said that it would not allow Israel to exist. Respect its words, but don't respect this organization. All the resources of Gaza are used to prepare to destroy Israel. Hamas has no respect for the rights of its own people.
2. Get rid of Netanyahu!
Steven Allsopp   (11.13.18)
He's a disgrace, a coward and a traitor who is only interested in holding onto his post as PM. Hamas is winning again and again.
3. Don't allow Bibi to lead during wartime.
DSM ,   USA   (11.13.18)
Wartime leaders must put national interest before political interests. They must insure victory by defeating the enemy and humiliating their enemy. This must be done before any talk of cease fire or peace. There must be no irresponsible acts such as benevolence during a war and the leader must be cautioned not to let the defeated up by giving into international institutions like the UN.

Is Bibi up to such a task ? We all know that he is not.
4. Another ceasefire? Problem...
manicdrummer ,   Haifa   (11.13.18)
...a ceasefire is just that period of uncertainty in which you live day to day watching the skies and wondering when the next barrage is coming. Just invade Gaza and the West Bank and chase 'em all to Jordan. Then take back both regions and build housing for the large exodus of Jewish refugees that will come pouring into Israel 7 months from now. Prophecy is prophecy and you're not a real Jew if you aren't watching the signs. July 2, 2019 is when everything hits the wall, so get ready.
5. Bibi doesn't want war so he takes ceasefire whenever offered
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.13.18)
Bibi doesn't want casualties and feels there is nothing to be gained in Gaza so he takes a ceasefire whenever offered. He'll do the minimum needed for a ceasefire and let Egypt and the UN take care of it.
6. Spot on
Geoff Short ,   London   (11.13.18)
An excellent analysis. Let's hope Israel's military top brass read it - as a matter of urgency.
7. Don't agree with you
Raphaël ,   Paris   (11.13.18)
I don't agree. No need to send troops inside Gaza. Planes, drones and land to land missiles should be sufficient to destroy Gaza. Why send infantry to its death while it's possible to use missiles ?
8. The cycle of appeasement continues
Isaac Storm   (11.13.18)
No one wants war; however, this cease-fire as well as all the other cease-fires have only embolden Hamas because Israel not only paid Hamas money, it let Hamas fire rockets at Israel unfettered, and then let Hamas call the shots as to when it (Hamas) would stop. The rocket attacks or fire balloons or violent riots will resume in a few months because Israel hasn't deterred Hamas (Wow is that an understatement). And again, the cycle of appeasement will continue. What is worse, Israel didn't even get the remains of the fallen and the live hostages back.
9. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (11.13.18)
no. no. no.
major attack against Gaza will cause Israel casualties. suffering and resentment of population in Gaza.
fight fire with fire. send similar rockets into Gaza from many points. set incendiary balloons off east of Gaza. carpet bomb Gaza on border with Egypt. destroy tunnels. use drones to drop harmless explosives at night. drop dyed stink liquid on protesters on Friday demonstrations. harass. harass. harass.
10. IDF seems to have no effect at stopping terrorists
DOV ,   USA   (11.14.18)
from attacking at will. Time to improve surveillance techniques as well as Laser-based interception.
11. Job well done: at this stage, hoping it ends.
Jon ,   Midwest/United State   (11.14.18)
Though I reside in the United States (city box didn't provide enough spaces above), I am Jewish and care greatly about the well being of Israel. I have followed Israeli news and politics for some time.

If this ceasefire holds, and it's a big if, I think this latest skirmish actually benefited Israel greatly. I understand I don't live in the Israeli south, where many are developing ptsd and live with constant anxiety, stress and lack of sleep. Unfortunately, I do suffer from all of the above, save the ptsd.

The IAF targeted/ destroyed a reported 150-160 quality targets, if not more. Hamas can parade all they want in the streets but at the end of the day they are left with only more ruin. Many of these sites were of great utility to Hamas, including the 'research center, the 'intelligence headquarters' and their TV station buildin get, along with a navy vessel and G-d only knows what else. Do you not have faith that Mossad and, or other agencies had amassed a WEALTH of secret enemy locations? Surely they were targeted, and who knows, I'm guessing special force commandos were in Gaza...but they ain't gonna announce it for your pleasure.

My main point is this, and I understand it's not what those seeking a decisive blow want to hear. It's that all of the above WAS accomplished without having to send young IDF soldiers into certain death-traps while Hamas laid in wait, hidden, waiting to strike. Urban warfare is brutal. About as brutal as it gets, and you're fighting on their homefield. The jungles of Vietnam were no cakewalk for American soldiers. The enemy can literally attack and escape before you know what happened. Country to those criticizing Netanyahu (though he may well deserve for other rescans), if this ends now, or without any further significant loss of life, in my opinion, he should be commended. Or those in the military who chose this route, with its so called, use of restraint. Tomorrow Hamas will be paying members to start picking up bricks to help the rebuilding effort.
12. Author sounds like a Roman or Greek general
Mark Wiseman ,   NYC   (11.14.18)
Just send more troops! Hit them harder and they will give up! Then they will accept our control of their land. We should know that this will not work. We celebrate Chanukah and Yom Ha'atzmaut every year to remember our heroes who would never bend a knee and give up control of our homeland. They will not either. Only compromise and a peace agreement will settle this. They are stubborn and want it all. So do we. Let's start by fixing our own unreasonable stance.
13. Ron, thanks for
Lucifer69   (11.14.18)
.....This very clear and sound analysis.
The IDF brass should resign in block. They don't have any creative solutions to win the war even with the world's strongest army. Shame.
14. Hamas plays the music and Israel dances.
tiki ,   belgium   (11.14.18)
Hamas has mastered the game!
Deterrence is in place!

15. I am afraid this israeli response will not deter Soleimani
Tehraniporou   (11.14.18)
They can only see that the upgrade of Iranian proxy forces with new equipment seems to be a working strategy that forces all sides to the negotiating table
16. My, my, my how the mighty have fallen.
Good Grief Israel ,   Somewhere, Out There   (11.14.18)
What the hell happened to the IDF and the Israeli political establishment? This is a disgrace from the standpoint of a fighting man. Kudos to HAMAS for having balls and shame on the IDF and Israeli governmental elites for allowing the once mighty IDF and its deterrence capabilities to shrivel like some eunuch's truncated sack. Good G-d Israel. WAKE UP! 2000 years of Diaspora and tragedy have taught the Jews nothing? WAKE UP!!!
17. Falastinian terror requires "useful victims",
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (11.14.18)
therefore, deterrence of the powerful IDF does not impress the leaders of the Falastinian terror.

On the contrary, the policy and the perverted ideology of the Falastinian terrorists is thriving because of victims, preferably women and children.

Without the poor victims, the Falastinian terrorist will loose their voice in the UN and affiliated organizations.

The Falastinian terror organizations are, among many others, PA, PLO, Fatah and Hamas.

Their "Jewish" supporters are: Breaking the Silence, Btselem and the "new Israel fund".

For Zion
18. ביזיון, חרפה, גועל there aren't words in english to describe
Shachar ,   Eilat   (11.14.18)
Israelis contempt for this gov't at this point. They paid Hamas $15 million and recieved 400+ rockets in return and then begged for a ceasefire. And all the airforce did was drop some empty buildings that will be rebuilt in a month because jobless Gazans have nothing better to do. This gov't has reached the lowest point of cowardice ever seen here. A Meretz gov't wouldn't agree to this.....
19. New Reality
GAMLIEL ,   Sao Paulo   (11.14.18)
Now with the very strong support from the US and Brazil.
Israel is free to hit Hamas at will.
Don’t worry at all.
2 continental GIGANTS will cheer up every bomb.
The International Community stands on Israel’s side.
20. what was he decorated for?
jay   (11.14.18)
don't spout bs.
21. Retake Gaza forever. End cause of all Gaza problems!
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.14.18)
Israel had NONE of these problems when Gaza was ours. We DIDN'T suffer constant war, terror, rockets from Gaza in those days. Our Gaza problems began with our mad retreat from Gaza. Gaza belongs to us. The solution is to retake Gaza forever. End the CAUSE of all our Gaza problems.
22. When the left believes we're being weak on terror it real...
23. ynet opinion
cyntha ,   sydney   (11.15.18)
NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND! Israel must preserve her men for the big battle to come.
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