Lieberman resigns from defense minister post
Moran Azulay
Published: 14.11.18, 13:48
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1. good decision! time for change.
2. I guess not enough blood was spilled for him to be happy!
SAM   (11.14.18)
Robert ,   Israel   (11.14.18)
Congratulations Mr. Lieberman. YOU are the only person with guts and principles within the government. What was approved yesterday, is a most probable future death sentence for all of Israel. Next war will be disastrous for us.
Robert ,   Israel   (11.14.18)
Mr. Netanyahu, something is getting blurred in your Mind. Nor Moshe Dayan, or Golda Meir never stopped a military operation against Muslims in those difficult times when they were a big majority and we had very few soldiers and less guns. That is the reason for Israel to be still alive. You, Mr. Netanyahu, have the best trained soldiers, the best armament, the best navy and air force, and you chickened out, What a shame !!! Your attitude towards this confrontation will cost us, Israelis, much more than what you may think (or perhaps you don't think anymore?.)
5. Mr. Lieberman shall be greatly missed
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.14.18)
He was our best hope of dealing with the Fakestinians in a proper manner.
6. Bibi+IDF generals don't want to fight
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.14.18)
Let's see how long this ceasefire holds. Maybe IDF hitting 170 targets was enough for now.
7. Great, now Bibi can take ALL the portfolios on his way out!
8. Regarding Lieberman
Ed Newbold ,   Columbus, OH   (11.14.18)
Wake up, Israel. Lieberman's comment are correct about your surrender to terrorism. This cease fire will last long enough for them to restock, reload and then restart the killing of Israelis. Remember: Islamic Jihad saw the Lieberman resignation as "a victory to our people's steadfast resistance to the occupation."
9. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (11.14.18)
can't blame him. there will be no short term quiet as Hamas will continue attacks and pretend it does not. Hamas is a long term problem that must be dealt with effectively now. still think fight fire with fire is the answer.
10. bennett at defense
mark   (11.14.18)
either Bennett gets defense or new elections where bibi will be lucky to get 15 seats. Israelis are sick of his cowardice, his constant bowing before hamas and taking any lousy rotten deal.appointing galant will not suffice since former generals tend lately to dump israel's fate on the backs of its citizens. galant has also taken part in harming Israeli deterrence/ bibi has damaged it. he has no capacity, zero to take on Hezbollah. Israelis are furious with this coward.

livni and gabbay should not gloat. they have no solution and offer even more concessions. Israelis are sick of them too with their Auschwitz delusional view of the world.

first loused up meshall hit. then protective edge where he sat there like a stone doing nothing and reprimanded by shapira. now predictably repeating his passive responses that make Israel look damn weak which it is not, he is weak. his wife should read him the riot act.

Bennett either gets defense or the govt falls.
11. bennett will not accept bibi as acting defense minister
jeff   (11.14.18)
the problem for Israel has been bibi's ineptitude in security and defense going back to protective edge and before. whatever happened to him before has traumatized him and he is unable or cannot act decisively. if he assumes defense minister job which he has demonstrated he is unfit for, the govt collapses. no more maneuvering, Bennett gets defense or its over. and likud would be lucky to get 10 seats in the next govt. shteinitz will also lose his seat for backing bibi's cowardice.

bibi of course is now saying hamas was begging for a ceasefire. what bs. Hamas won the round against bibi who is clearly unfit for any security position.
12. public will not accept bibi at defense
morty   (11.14.18)
netanyahu has demonstrated that he runs scared, and is incapble in security.the public will not accept him at defense for 1 minute. either Bennett gets defense or the govt falls. and contrary to what the weak likudniks who backed bibi say, likud would be lucky to get 10 seat in the next election. gabbay or lapid are not the answer. gabbay is weak like herzog, and lapid is an olmert clone who would install hamas on the west bank.

even now bibi is using his rhetorical bs to cover up the fact that his conduct is of rank cowardice, 100%, this is the reason he runs around the world begging Putin and trump to do Israel's bidding. he has made umpteen concessions to moscow. Hamas won the round as they set the pace. the idf, the ignoramuses hit empty buildings while Israelis counted their wounded and dead.

what a bloody disgrace!ehud barak should have thrown bibi out of the commando.
13. Not being an Israeli I do not have right to tell you ...
leo ,   usa   (11.14.18)
... what to do, but from aside looks like Lieberman is right.
14. How about a Palestinian Defense Ministry this time, yessiree
Ken   (11.14.18)
15. Watch the door on the way out, next...
Ken   (11.14.18)
16. what does Netanyahu know that Lieberman does not know
C   (11.14.18)
netanyahu claims that his decisions are based on secret national security
matters. these secrets cannot be known by the enemy, nor by the
israeli public.
if such secrets exist, and most likely they do, why is it that lieberman is not
privy to them when he was in fact defense minister.
or was lieberman privy to these secrets yet he still disagreed with
the prime minister.
if the latter is the case, then lieberman's resignation was a necessity.
17. no one wants to hear bibi's bs.
james ,   c   (11.14.18)
no more bs, the public is fed up with so called Mr security who acts like neville chamberlain.

consult all you want. if Bennett is not made defense minister, then you are finished. even the weak opposition would not join you. defense and you are oil and water. if your father said you were no more than a press officer or secretary of foreign affairs, he was right as you are no Mr. security.

even a child could have figured that if Hamas launched 500 rockets, idf should have been ordered to target all heads of Hamas, knock out the electrical grid, destroyed their naval assets, hit every munitions factory and tunnel, and launched 1000 artillery, naval, land and air missiles. then gazans would not be passing out candies as they are doing now.

this is the second time, but your worst performance ever in allowing hamas to win the round. israeli deterrence has been damaged. you don't measure up to sinwar of gaza who far exceeds your ability.

you will have to work hard to avoid indictment and jail. likud would be lucky to get half the seats it has now. Bennett will be the new pm if you go to elections.

so if Bennett is not named defense minister, your reign is over. and Bennett will not be listening to you at all in security cabinet meetings. you are incompetent in security.i would not listen to one word you utter either. your words are worthless.

gen galant also did Israel no favors with his passive approach to Gaza terror.
18. Posturing ..thats all it is..thr PM COS and the entire gov
Al   (11.14.18)
Is a failure.

The IDF today is weak leaderless and devoid of purpose and courage.

The Israeli population has lost its Zionist spirit.

The nation has become rich fat voodoo inspired and lazy.

As it stands the very country is doomed.

Unless and until the people start getting it together Israel will be destroyed.

Get back to Zionism!

Loose that voodoo inspired fake Judaism.

Start being Jewish Zionists.
19. Likely Lieberman resigned due to failed mission
naro2 ,   nyc   (11.14.18)
Maybe there was a failed mission to kidnap or kill Ismail Haniyeh which Lieberman promised. And he was actually fired?
20. Lieberman didn't failed , Bibi failed to defend Israel
Avi L.   (11.14.18)
Lieberman didn't failed, Bibi failed to defend Israel and its citizens
21. Bouncer gets bounced. Next.
Ken   (11.14.18)
22. bennett has to demand defense job
ronnie   (11.14.18)
Jewish home should not negotiate with bibi. it must demand defense portfolio or we go to elections. no doubt bibi may bring the govt down rather than give defense to Bennett as he is such a narcissist, he views himself the only one qualified to run defense.

so look what he has done-hit empty buildings in Gaza after warning people to leave while receiving 500 rockets hurting and killing Israelis. on top of this, he permitted bribe money from Qatar to fill Hamas coffers-bribe money. then as he did in protective edge, he ran to a ceasefire even before Israel hit back properly. he has even made the idf in his image, congratulating itself for knocking down an 7 floor building with no one in it.

first we get olmert screwing up the Hezbollah war, and now we have bibi screwing up protective edge, and now this fiasco.

so the bottom line is either Bennett gets defense or the game is over. bibi will be voted out by the public in the same way that barak got wiped out as pm with his anemic response to terror.

bibi avoids water not because of political considerations, he avoids war because he is scared. Israelis are not and they have had it with him.
23. Israel needs to reverse all concessions & retreats!
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.14.18)
Bibi is a brilliant speaker and great for Israel's economy. However, he is not a war time leader, and that is what Israel needs right now. A long, insane series of Israeli retreats and concessions, to our mortal "Palestinian" foes, have put Israel in great danger.

All the rockets, terror and wars Israel suffers, from Gaza, are a direct result of our mad retreat from Gaza. All the rockets, terror and wars Israel suffers, from Lebanon, are direct results of our mad retreat from our South Lebanon Security Zone. Virtually ALL Israel's serious problems are direct results of Israeli concessions and retreats. Israel needs a leader with the courage to reverse every one of them.
24. new elections
jason   (11.14.18)
new elections are the only way to go. netanyahu assuming the defense portfolio will be utterly rejected by Israelis. he and he alone is to blame for his weak response to Gaza terror. he even said days ago that he would do anything to avoid a war with Hamas. why would he say such a statement when he knows the enemies would be emboldened to hear it. he says it because he himself is fearful. he is afraid to initiate a battle. so he responds weakly and then runs to a ceasefire.

hamas won this round, no doubt about it regardless of bibi's bs spin-he is full of it.he is lying his teeth off.

as for the idf, they take orders from the leadership . they make comments and then plan. in bibi's case, he take s no decision and then asks the idf what would they do. as i said, they take orders and then fashion a plan unless their objections are significant. bibi can never make a decision.

simply put, the public will not accept him being in the defense portfolio. either he hands defense to bennett or his rule is over period. the troops and mostserious mks have no respect for him.

the idf cannot afford to graduate soldiers who are unable to fight. you have to do a better job in training. Israel cannot afford to have soldiers like bibi.
25. bibi looking at jail time
martin   (11.14.18)
if bibi goes to elections and does not win, he would be less protected than now against allegations and ultimate indictments. and those indictments when proven will likely having serving some jail time like olmert did-perhaps 20 months. his wife may also end up in jail if she is prosecuted successfully.

Israelis would lose any appreciation of bibi's long service if he does not hand the defense over to Bennett asap. without a doubt, bibi is unfit to handle any security portfolio as clearly demonstrated by his awful security performance in each and every circumstance. troops do not respect him at all.

training methods in the idf should be reviews and upgraded. Israel must have all of its soldiers able to fight, not end up pacifists.

and what the hell were idf soldiers doing on a bus in the Gaza border region unprotected from antitank weapons just fired and narrowly missing them save for one soldier bystander. toughen up the damn training!!!
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