Hannukah balloons parade comes to Jerusalem
Itamar Eichner
Published: 17.11.18, 13:08
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1. Bringin Jews 2gether 4 Xmas how sweet! (Not)
Who was the clursless wonder who came up with this idea?
2. the Torah says Reform & Cons are not even fully human
Rafi Kahlani ,   Beer Shiva, Israel   (11.17.18)
How can those who disregard the Torah be Jews?
3. The 2 most,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore   (11.17.18)
powerful words of 2019 will be "Fake Jews".
4. Imagine Russian, Chinese Americans marching in Russia, China
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.17.18)
... in support of those Governments.

They would be called Traitors in America.

But, as always, there is a double standard for Jews, they can have Nukes without disclosing them, steal a country without sanction, kill civilians around the world and not be called terrorists, and interfere in American elections without being prosecuted.

American support for Israel has killed and wounded more Americans than Russia or China since 9/11, and has cost Americans over $3 Trillion fighting Israel's Wars.

With Friends like Israel, who needs Enemies.
5. Fake Jews - guess that includes the religious hypocrites !
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.17.18)
But agree with the rest - Thanksgiving parade in Jerusalem ?
Really - give me a break. This is Israel, not USA.
6. This is a nice gesture
The Pittsburgh massacre was horrendous, and Jews in Diaspora in U.S. could use support from Israelis.
7. Israeli Media will ridicule & show maybe 3 seconds of it
DemoralizingMedia ,   Jerusalem   (11.17.18)
The sole purpose of the Post Zionist Israeli Media is to demoralize the nation into destruction of the Zionist Project it seems with the collusion of the Likud which constantly refuses to create one only Post Zionist Television Channel ...!?
8. We don't need another parade
Janet W ,   Jerusalem   (11.17.18)
Particularly this one...I mean really!
9. Bringing Santa to Jerusalem Yeh
Boaz   (11.18.18)
And calling themselves jews. Are you that *ucked up?
10. That's why the orthodox
Moi   (11.18.18)
don't what to have a bar of them. They do everything to prove that they are not jews.
11. lets bring the jews together
and a santa baloon and a st anthony baloon and a holy mary baloon and what else can you think of that brings jews together
12. Thanksgiving is a Nazi holiday, naerks extermination of
Avi Yeroshalmi ,   Jerusalem   (11.18.18)
Native Americans
13. Be nice, for heavens Sake.
It's Kislev, bring light to the darkness.

So much sarcasm.

Do you realize how many Synagogues have an Israeli flag, celebrate your Independence Day with you?

It's a nice gesture, and honestly, America and its Jews do a lot for you.
14. israeli version
Channah ,   Maale Adumim   (11.18.18)
There's nothing that says there will be Christmas and Santa in the Israeli version of the parade. Disney and other children's characters are mentioned, and also Israeli groups, and Matisyahu!! Hopefully Santa and Christmas motifs will be left n the US.
15. Fake myth of Thanksgiving, fake Jesus who ...
NYNY   (11.19.18)
Never existed and No evidence massacre sorry crying and hugging is proof who needs autopsies in capital crimes.
16. Maybe if Jewish Holidays were here beautifully celebrated
CelebrateBig ,   Jerusalem   (11.19.18)
more of our young people would find inspiration and need less to run to Eiurope and elsewhere to see how holidays can be beautifully celebrated
Israel thinks small when it comes to celebrating our holidays in our homeland after 2000 years If we’d celebrated our holidays as colorfully as other cultures do theirs there might be less assimilation
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