Hanegbi blasted for downplaying Gaza attacks on south
Moran Azulay, Shahar Hay
Published: 15.11.18, 12:27
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1. Resign immediately!!
Harel ,   Mivtachim   (11.15.18)
This is what the govt. thinks of the residents of the south: expendable pawns!? Resign you are a disgrace and are playing straight into the propaganda of the enemy!
2. Lofty, self-righteous, snobby ministers - ugh !
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.15.18)
Go live at the Gaza border for a while and then talk !
3. I think Mr Chamberlain said something similar...
keren tzafon ,   Tzafon israel   (11.15.18)
look how that turned out...
4. disgust
LR ,   Afula   (11.15.18)
Thank you, Hanegbi for reminding me why I once thought you were a putz. Your smug attitude is disgusting.
5. Appeasement of the terrorist leads two more Wars
Scott ,   Jonesborough   (11.15.18)
The people of Israel should be ashamed of Netanyahu. His father was a historian apparently did not depart any wisdom on the prime minister. Prime minister Begin summed it up the best. An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. Everytime Hamas unleashes Rockets in the response is destroying empty buildings using the vaunted IAF becomes more of a joke. Failing to respond harshly emboldens Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran. What's even more of insanity is we allow fuel, and cement and other Goods that have dual uses so Israel to be attacked. Netanyahu is worried about world opinion while his country Burns. Israel needs a new prime minister to do what's right, for the state of Israel. Not appease the terrorists and their benefactors
6. Israeli citizens are no sitting ducks!
tiki ,   belgium   (11.15.18)
Any normal country would have carpet bombed the area flat!
Time for Israel to do the same!

Robert ,   Israel   (11.15.18)
Today, with Hanegbi remarks, I learned that in Israel live first class citizens in Tel Aviv, and second class ones in the south. FIRE HIM RIGHT NOW !!, or is it really true what he said?. .Are really Tel Avivians worth much more than southerners?. Never thought an Israeli could think that, and worse of all, say it in public.
8. hanegbi, anselem, elkin, kahlon, deri and bibi, shteintiz
hal   (11.15.18)
you want a useless pack of weaklings who buggered up the gaza response.half of likud is no different than zionist union and yesh atid. the same deluded scared weaklings. kahlon will also see his numbers drop in the election. bibi will not be pm in the next govt. nor will gabbay, lapid or livni. it will be someone else.

the public has a long memory. bibi now is mud in the minds of Israelis, a weakling as Lieberman correctly pointed out. his only chance if if he gives the keys to Bennett to turn the idf around. incidentally, the idf has to carry out decisive plans and not just sit there and do next to nothing, the idea that is it praises its attack on an empty 7 floor building is mind boggling.

likud is probably hoping to combine a coalition with its natural weakling partners labour and yesh atid. those are bibi's true colors.

he has been conning Israel with his phony Mr security label for years. Lieberman saw him up close like Bennett. what a bloody flop.israel is in danger with bibi at defense. either turn over the keys to bennett or you will be retired in shame.
9. amazing - the courage to say something so stupid out loud ;O
doda   (11.15.18)
10. Hamases deterance is working
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (11.15.18)
Israel must think again about disturbing the peace
Same like in Syria
11. Netivot,sederot citizen wake up....
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (11.15.18)
The government u voted into office has no interest in you. You are redundant,a minor issue in likuds political puzzle.
Hanegbi is only a symtom of a crumbling
Government.helpless and clueless politicians

12. What he really means is
Just saying as it is   (11.15.18)
There is a difference between the population of the south and Tel Aviv.
Lives of Katzenbergs and Rozenbergs are worth more than the lives of Attias and Shoukrun.
13. Resign - not fit to sit in government
Mck ,   Rehovot   (11.15.18)
14. liberal N. TLV coffee shops not hit
Ralph ,   Houston   (11.15.18)
Let's be thankful. The South Israeli residents can continue to live under the rocket blitz. Yawn.
15. retired
Miron ,   Padua   (11.16.18)
This guy has no shame and has nothing to offer as a minister.
The party has created for him a job that we pay
dearly for the last decades.What a corruption!
He talks like a "mefagher" Shame on the Likud
to keep such a guy on their list.
16. As a REAL politician you NEVER tell the truth, Tzahi!!!!
17. Agreements with hamas.....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (11.17.18)
only last a limited time frame. What Liebermann wanted was a lasting peace for southern Israel, he wasn't interested for the prime minister job. But to force a peace agreement through military force instead of 'through meaningless political means' which are always a failure to a 'permanent peace'. All his quest for military intervention is vetoed by the Man above in the minister's office. So what did he do? I would also do the same....... quit.
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