Ultra-Orthodox parties wary of narrow coalition after Lieberman resignation
Amichai Attali
Published: 15.11.18, 14:06
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1. Ultra-Orthodox parties in the government?
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (11.15.18)
The ultra-Orthodox parties in the government, Shas and United Torah Judaism are systematically undermining the liberal democratic values and social achievements in Israel.

Apparently they are aiming for a regime similar to the one of the Ayatollah-Mob in the Islamic Republic Iran. Or is it possible that they have methodical support of Scientology?
2. How about ending TWO THINGS: Arab terror& religious
coercion ....?
Imagine how sweet life would be for us, hard working, tax paying minority in this Promised Land???
3. They don't want to go to army.It takes away time from Torah.
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.15.18)
So, why are the Ultra-Orthodox spending so much time playing with politics when they don't even support the existence of the country? Shouldn't the time be spent studying Torah?
4. Israel has become an entity of schnorrers..
Al   (11.15.18)
Schnorrers can never be a nation.

You can't turn schnorrers into a people.
5. Bs..they know nithung about anything..
Al   (11.15.18)
I deal with these schmek here in Montreal. In the name of business they lie cheap steal and in general are about reliable as Arabs.

In fact they deserve each other.

ISRAEL IS doomed as it stands. Without authentic Jewish Zionism Israel is looking at a catastrophe.
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