Bennett demands defense portfolio ‘to get Israel back to winning ways’
Moran Azulay
Published: 15.11.18, 16:29
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1. Benett wants the defense job ..
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (11.15.18)
What a joke...the guy has nothing to show as minister of education..,but thats no surprise because we learn today his "real calling" is to be minister of defense. We all remember his completely senseless proposals how to act at last "gaza" war. The man could not handle the education portofolio and now he wants to bring down iranian mullahs. Benett your are not the " stuff" serious leaders are made off .
2. A parliament of scum..The Israeli people lose.
Al   (11.15.18)
3. Israeli national interest and the international community.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (11.15.18)
Instead of disagreeing with eachother, of a group of the Israëli government and the Knesset, at first both have the right, task and duty, to serve, to defend and to protect the Israëli people and interest, who elected them, to do so, if needed. Because Israel is an independant, sovereign country, entity, land, state and nation, with self-determination, according to free, human and democratic constitution, law and legislation. IN THIS CASE WISDOM TO ISRAEL, FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL PARTIES INVOLVED, FOR HUMANITY AND HUMANKIND, ANYWHERE AND ALWAYS.
PLINIO LISBOA ,   Agua Boa - BRAZIL   (11.15.18)
The Bibi, are destruction defense ISRAEL. BENNET FROM MINISTER DEFENSE NOW !!!
5. I am praying Bennett becomes DM, if not topple the gov't
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.15.18)
Robert ,   Israel.   (11.15.18)
Mr. Netanyahu, time has arrived for you to step aside. Do it honorably while you can. You are still young and healthy. Enjoy your golden age with your beloved ones. Lately you have been only worried on what the rest of the world can think bout you and your convincing beautiful speeches in international forums. At home, you flanked the exam for the second time. Enjoy your retirement while you can.
7. Who’s idea was the botched mission in Gaza, bad timing?
Ken   (11.15.18)
8. With this mad man Naftali Bennett as minister of defence
joe ,   salzburg   (11.15.18)
and his 'ambitions' toward Gaza and the Palestinians, Israel will transform into a pariah state like North Korea within few years.

One or two more massacres like 2014 and the world will abandon You!
Be sure!
9. Let mr bennett be the defense minister but under the authori
Tehraniporou   (11.15.18)
ty of a new pm, sexy shaked in heels
10. is is very simple
jose   (11.15.18)
either Bennett becomes defense minister, or your govt collapses. you will lose badly in the election to come and you will be viewed similarly to ehud barak. he was thrown out of the pm office because of his anemic response to terror. Israelis will be reminded of the shapira condemnation of you, the botched meshall caper and this horrible response to Hamas in the current round. you did not defend the blood of the Jews period. Hamas won this round plain and simple.

Bennett is far more able than you in would get credit as he puts Israel on the attack which it has not been since ariel sharon's passing. otherwise your name will be mud.

Israeli soldiers need an infusion of encouragement and rabbiinic commands to get going. and they need a good leader, like bennett, and not you.
11. kahlons party will be wiped out
bill   (11.15.18)
kahlon,. an ignorant minister when it comes to security who parotts bibi, is responsible for hamas victory over israel under hapless netanyahu. kahlon decided bennett should not go to defense to protect israel. so here we go to elections.

kahlon's party will be reduced by half for his gutless contributions to date. netanyahu will be lucky to get 15-20 seats. sheintiz will lose his seat.

bennett will be the new pm of israel aided by lieberman, haredi parties, zehut and yesh atid.

bibi will be replaced by likud and will have plenty of time to deaal with his indictment.

under bibi and kahlon, israel lost to hamas., you israelis-remeber that when yo9u go into the voting booth.
oleg ,   Florida   (11.15.18)
13. Education Minister?
Julius ,   Baltimore   (11.15.18)
Becomes Defense Minister? This is a very interesting place especially for the school systems and teaching institutions.
14. kahlon the ordinance officer
jay   (11.15.18)
kahlon, an ordinance officer in the idf like i believe peretz was, knows as much about how to lead and attack as peretz, olmert and bibi, which is to say zilch, zero, nothing,
bennett who could lead the idf in offensive attacks is now vetoed by kahlon who could not lick bennett's shoes.kahlon deserves nothing while Israel should beg to have bennett as pm. bibi will lose in every encounter until a new pm is elected.

so off we go to elections. 2 things are for certain. kahlon will be punished for his role in the loss to hamas along with the other likud dumbbells including bibi. and for his role in blocking bennett.

as for bibi, he will not be prime minister. it is probably ok with him since he likely could care less about Israel if he is no longer pm. odds are he will be going to jail for a 20 month terms

Jews have a choice, either stay and fight under bennett and feiglin, or go to deaths like lambs under lapid gabbay and livni. of course they will permit hamastan to arise on the west bank. you did once before. maybe you will do it again.

no fan of hamas, but they beat netanyahu and kahlon including galant like a bloody drum in this encounter.

Israelis, vote en mass for bennett and feiglin. throw out bibi and kahlon.
15. I was taught to ask nicely&politely, not DEMAND! Look where
it's got me..... :-)
16. you just lost the elections
harry   (11.16.18)
bibi refused bennett the defense minister because of personal jealousy. he knows that bennett is far more skilled in defense than you are. plus the personal protests of lowly idf officer kahlon, a security ignoramus and deri, a convicted crook.

fine,you made your bed. Israelis will hold you responsible for losing to Hamas in this round, and doing an awful job in protective edge and approving a stupid plan on meshall.

your pm days are over. no party will want you with them.

and in the interval, know that Israeli enemies can do what they want. all you will do is call Egypt for an early ceasefire after doing the minimum.

-what a bs artist!
17. Bennett is a winner & would drain leftist swamp
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.16.18)
Bennett's history has a lot of winning. Great military service record. Great success as an entrepreneur. Ever increasing political success. Most importantly, Bennett has proven himself courageous enough to stand up to Israel's foes and false friends.

When the Obama regime did the full court press to force Israel to submit to "Palestinian" statehood, Bennett's was the loudest voice raised in Israel's defense. Bennett appears to be a winner like Trump. The whole Democrat swamp has been scheming non stop against Trump since his presidential election victory, but Trump keeps winning. I suspect Bennett would be a great Defense Minister and Prime Minister, and that he would drain the leftist Israeli swamp.
18. the saviour Bennett.
steve ,   beer sheva   (11.17.18)
Only the evacuation of women and children in this war zone would make an Israeli ground attack possible.
Unfortunately the heroic Islamist fighters love to use these people as a human shield - especially as the world does not criticise this act. Islamists they maybe but they are not idiots!
19. strategic considerations
ed   (11.17.18)
no one argues that there are not strategic considerations to consider. but the basic problem and this goes back to Sharon's passing is that Israel has and is being led by leaders who are fearful of casualties. and both of them were not and are not game fighters.not only them but half of the security cabinet today like kahlon, shteinitz, katz appear disinterested in the fight.

whereas Hamas fires rockets into Israeli civilians, idf hits empty buildings, makes tel calls to gazans to get out before strikes. as Lieberman put it, gazans have immunity from attack, leaders and civilians; while Israelis are sent running to shelters wounded and dead.

the lawyers have to be thrown out of the idf, which has to follows laws of war. however, idf has to at least equalize terrror. bibi is not game that is so obvious. Hamas made him look like a pacifist. and he will not launch any heavy action period in any situation which makes the transition dangerous.. so that is likely why Lieberman quit and Bennett demanded defense. they are sick of his pacifism. he is a pacifist.

as Lieberman correctly pointed out, never mind strategic mumbo jumbo-finish the job in gaza. don't worry what comes after. even if things spiral, the point being, you fire on Israelis, we'll set gaza on fire. this bibi does not really understand because of his fear of casualties and war. if Israel was led by him in 73, it would have been defeated. that is the damn truth. that is why there will be elections. his last chance was Bennett and he blew that one.

forget about 25 seats. try 15 seats.. likud will gain no more than 15 seats, a fitting rebuke to netanyahu. he has neville chamberlain written all over him in my judgement. this lieberman could not take any more.
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