Arab man to be buried in Jewish cemetery amid Muslim boycott
Inbar Tviser
Published: 18.11.18, 10:06
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1. sad story showing the true nature of the pals.
2. despicable muslims
C   (11.18.18)
their vengence goes beyond the grave.
all decent muslims in israel should convert to judaism.

3. the only reason they won’t bury him...
shloime   (03.15.19)
is because they can’t kill him - the normal penalty of the pa for selling property to a jew in judea.
4. They think it is!!
Rebecca S.   (05.31.19)
Lying and making stuff up being some sort of birthright. I've seen more lies coming from their propaganda sites than I ever knew could be created, and all for purpose of creating hatred against non-muslims (mostly jews) but also buddhists & christians.
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