Government approves NIS 22 billion in budget cuts to ministries
Moran Azulay
Published: 18.11.18, 16:31
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1. Political bribery to stop early elections !
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.18.18)
2. govt must be disbanded
eli   (11.18.18)
cynical netanyahu, a narcissist in the extreme, only thinks about his own survival as pm. don't be surprised if he appoints lapid as foreign minister, bring in his 11 seats, and then convince kahlon to stay with economic bribes. lapid would likely join because he has his own problems with investigations potentially.

bennett should leave regardless as things will only get worse in the security field with netanyahu at the head of defense.

one person i would not have in my govt in gen galant. he along with eisencott refused to target .arsonists claiming they were kids. that started all of the problems that came later as hamas interpreted that a s a green light. and thousands of acres of farmland and nature areas with wildlife were killed. galant accepted this. firecrews were working 24/7. no, ii would not have galant in my cabinet. he disqualified himself.
3. Jew economics,,,
Julius ,   Baltimore   (11.18.18)
Never work.
4. lapid will go down if he joins netanyahu
ron   (11.18.18)
lapid will sink in the polls if he joins netanyahu. they will view him a s a cynical politician only out for himself. anyone joining bibi will be wiped out in the polls.
If he appoints Bennett defense minister he may have chance if Bennett unleashes the idf . otherwise, the govt cannot continue with bibi. he is unfit and lacks the fortitude to run the department. all can see this in all of his actions vis a vis Gaza and even Iran. he is unfit for defense and Israel is at continuing risk with him running security.

i see bibi's lack of ability in defense. Do you? And if you do not, why is Hamas going wild right now dictating to Israel while bibi hides in a closet.

we knew this in his awful performance in protective edge but some of you did not catch on. so he simply repeated his essentially do little performance then running to any ceasefire. history repeats itself. olmert had no security combat background and was one lousy pm in war. bibi has a combat background but like olmert is one lousy pm in war. he should not be anywhere near a security portfolio.
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