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Lieberman opens up in first interview since resignation
Yuval Karni
Published: 18.11.18, 23:17
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1. lieberman is so right! make him PM.
2. Simple question: what difference does it make who's DM when
the PM (Bibi) dictates all the moves?
After all: there was a Cabinet meeting and others beside Lieberman had their say/input.
Little difference did that
3. He can be the next pm
Tehraniporou   (11.19.18)
4. caution on splitting government
Roy Galutia ,   Selah   (11.19.18)
Keep in mind folks Dealing with Haman {Hamas ,Hezbollah ,Iran } a united Israeli front is needed
5. Ridiculous to compare Gaza topography withLebanon topography
Alan ,   SA   (11.19.18)
So also it is ridiculous to compare Hamas with Hezballah. COMPARATIVELY Hamas is not as problematic as Hezballah for Israel to deal with AND NEVER WILL BE ....If they even think of rocketing Tel Aviv they know it will be the end of them..The IDF was 100% correct to advise against invading Gaza. and Government was wise to take their advice.. A few smashed up buildings on Israel side and a few nights in shelter is preferable to hundred or so IDF dead and wounded (I would not like to live like Gaza Envelope people).IMAGINE IF THAT BUS WOULD HAVE BEEN FULL OF IDF SOLDIERS.Straight away 50 dead troops.A very lucky escape IMHO..Hamas also knew not to fire at full they know not to fire rockets on Tel Aviv...
Full marks for handling the last week or two
6. Sounds right
Issac ,   Haifa   (11.19.18)

Article very convincing. After all, both he and Bennit claim that we are sitting in the label of a right government, while is product is left. No one needs to say it as capitulation is in definition left and actually fuleing the escalations.
7. Lieberman is just another leftist
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.19.18)
He is only saying these things to get elected. We need somebody that is on the right for a change.

Lieberman, Bennett and Netanyahu are all leftists
8. How about Russia
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (11.19.18)
The most important question is what Liberman's role is in Incident with the Rusian airplane - strategically the factor influencing Israels security.
I didn't see any consequences after this scandal how Israel forfeited this warm relation ship.
Similar to Europe, Israel should finally start looking for ways to become less dependent on US, in all regards, economically, militarily, culturally and mentally. If not, it is risking ending up like Syria, Ukraine, Libya, once needed for hegemonial needs of the wanna be rulers of the world.
9. Quiet in South is due to IDF hitting 170 Hamas targets
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.19.18)
Doing nothing (Netanyahu) or doing too much (Bennett) leaves Hamas terror or Israeli casualties. Hamas has to be hit enough until it backs down. It wasn't economic incentives that stopped the terror.
Just do what I do.....wait to be fired !
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