Netanyahu is not invincible
Tali Ben Ovadia
Published: 18.11.18, 21:40
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1. New PM risks new ICC War Crimes charges, in new a Gaza War
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.19.18)
World and ICC is watching.
2. Be assured.......
DSM ,   USA   (11.19.18)
the center left will drift further to the left and not supply Israel with the security it now needs....but neither will Bibi.
3. All predatory creatures come out of the woods, salivating
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.19.18)
4. First: there IS no animal called "center", second: animal
called "left" is dead, starting to decompose, so this article is pure nonsense.
5. Gabai& Co: "Formidable"?! LOL, you just made my day!
6. What about a serious incumbent sexy shaked in heels ?
Tehraniporou   (11.19.18)
She will choose a general for security matters and her lethal initiative, operation sexy legs can be initiated at any times... more seriously nutsyahuu has too many challenges to faces, the trials, the weak political standing, the fact that he governed for years and maybe the public would like a change... its time for a centre left gov headed by a general..
7. election poll possibilities
norm   (11.19.18)
with Bennett resigning tomorrow, here is a possible poll of election results

Jewish home 20

likud 14

beitenu 7

kulano 7
zehut 10

orly 5

shas & other religous 14

gantz 12
zionsit union 9
yesh atid 15
meretz 7

bennett will be pm. it is possible that yesh atid will be part of coalition without likud as bad blood is simmering between likud and the other center right parties.

bennett feiglin and lieberman will assure tough israeli actions.

8. netanyahu cares about israeli security
earl   (11.19.18)
i could never vote for lapid livni and gabbay even if they have gantz on board. lapid is an olmert clone, gabbay is another herzog type and livni still thinks her UN resolution on arms smuggling was effective.

there is no more room to give. bibi understands this.

the fix for Israel's security was simple-give the defense position to Bennett. this he may yet do. of more concern is why he thinks that he is the one to handle defense based on his record over the last years. Israelis feel otherwise. so in the circumstances, Bennett should be given a chance as threats from Gaza and the north pile up.

kahlon said he did not object to Bennett at defense. so bibi should think it over and contact Bennett; and offer him the defense position before he resigns tomorrow morning. Israelis will feel better about things and bibi will derive benefits if Bennett succeeds. I would feel better about things if this happens. so it is really very simple.

think it over quickly and call benefit before your govt is disbanded. Israelis are stil quite upset about what has happened. they would applaud your move to bennett.

9. Except...There is no "center left" bloc
Jake   (11.19.18)
Remember last election?
Lapid refused to endorse Herzog as PM.
He defines his party as purely centrist, with no leftist leanings .
The only natural partner for Gabbay/Livni is Meretz.
The Arab bloc has refused to sit with any party that defines itself as Zionist.
That perfectly puts the so-called "center left" out of commission.
10. Bibi pretty much IS invincible!
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (11.19.18)
Most of the country cannot stand him - God only knows he and his revolting family behave in an overly self-entitled manor - he's arrogant and he's weak in some areas and he also lies a fair bit - BUT! he'll be voted as our next Prime Minister AGAIN because better the devil you know - people know him - they are used to him - and they'll vote for him because they are simply tired and have given up hope of anything changing around here.
11. Bibi's replacement will be a gutsier rightist. Not a leftist
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.19.18)
Israel's left represents a mere 8% of our state, according to recent polls. There is no center left. Why would centrists want to ally with a tiny leftist constituency? It would be both stupid and political suicide. Bibi's replacement will be a gutsier rightist patriot. Not a leftist.
12. Give us one leader who speaks what he will do. All we hear
Eden   (11.19.18)
Is dumb slander against the PM
13. A gutsier rightist patriot as the new PM
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (11.21.18)
Why not? Someone with aura of Mussolini, the intellectual clout of Trump, the physique of Putin, the strength of the Supreme Leader of Iran, and the iron will of the President of North Korea. Can't be a bad combination?
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