Not a false alarm
Oded Shalom
Published: 18.11.18, 19:46
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1. yossi and aryeh have it exactly right
manny   (11.18.18)
waking up from years of being taken in, yossi and arieh say in reference to netnanyahu...this is Mr. security?... it took them a long time to figure this out. they will massively reject him and his cohorts in likud-shteinitz, hanegbi,ansalem, katz, elkin, erdan...all those who went for the ceasefire. kahlon will also not escape censure.

smotrich has it 100 % correct in saying bibi is directly responsible for security failures over the last 9 years. this latest one with hamas being the worst.

Bennett should no longer negotiate with netanyahu on dahan or anything else. go to elections where likud's big lead will be wiped out.and bibi will not be pm again regardless of what politicians have to say.
2. it is over, now elections
jay   (11.18.18)
enough with the spin, i know what to do. statement by netanyahu. Bennett and shaked will announce tomorrow their withdrawal from the govt- no more spin or tricks.

I am going back to work he says. yes, work on your defense when you are indicted. Israel needs a proven individual at defense not an incompetent who spins flowery language.

now you all know why netanyahu wanted herzog in his govt-2 pacifists.
3. jewish home party
beryl   (11.18.18)
Jewish home said the following: .

“This is a government that is nominally right-wing but acts left-wing,” the right-wing coalition party said in a statement. “The government is a government with leftist policies, a collapsed deterrence against Hamas, the failure to evacuate Khan al-Ahmar, a weak policy toward terrorists and their families after terror attacks.”

9 years in power, bibi is hanging on by his fingernails, disconnected from reality. when Bennett makes his statement tomorrow leaving the govt, then reality will sink in. yes bibi will be defense minister until the elections but he won't be after. he won't be defense minister or prime minister, not if sderotis and ashkelonis have anything to say about it. they are raging mad and sick of bibi's pacifism and cowardice.

4. Throw Bibi Out
A Simple Jew ,   Sderot   (11.18.18)
Bibi must go. Enough with the cowardice! Enough with the losing mentality! Enough with sacrificing Israel to kiss EU tuchas!
5. Bibi as P.M.
Gershon Orelowitz ,   Karmiel   (11.18.18)
The truth is: who else is there? While no-one is indispensable, under the present circumstances, who can or will succeed him. If he was really concerned about losing the Jewish home, wouldn't he have given in to Bennett's demands? No, I don't see Bibi losing the next elections. However, it's early days.
6. idf generals
james   (11.18.18)
Israelis and the media more so tend to inflate political generals. the latest being gantz, the new hero of the media. just refer back to the Gaza protective war and you can see he was highly criticized by shapira. at best, he was in my opinion not aggressive at all.he and yaalon were literally dragged into hitting the tunnels.otherwise he would not have hit the tunnels which were and are dangerous. that was a another case where bibi raced to a ceasefire proposals before even the tunnels were hit????

now we have eisencott due to retire and who appeared to be very good on training and not making false promises.. yet he did almost nothing to stop balloon arson because he did not want to hit kids, in other words it was acceptable to destroy thousands of dunams and nature areas with wildlife. what kind of thinking is this? If this is what you think of Israeli land, then you don't deserve the land.

and the generals and soldiers who do the most for Israel are often reviled. ariel sharon was pilloried and criticized by media yet he saved Israel's ass in 73 and 2002/2003 in defensive shield.

likewise raful eitan helped to save Israel on the Golan in 73 . he whipped the idf into shape in their invasion of lebanon to strike at terror.

so it is not surprising to hear the media revile Bennett who has a good war record in favor of gantz or netanyahu.

antisemitism thrives where bullies sense weakness. when the jew is tough, the bully backs up. Sharon, Eitan, Bennett were and are tough. gantz and bibi did not appear tough at all in their actions.

bibi leading the idf during the electoral transition is dangerous for Israel.

For those who criticize Lieberman and not without cause, at least he said openly that bibi kowtowed to terror. that is the truth that Lieberman saw up close.there is no way around it regardless of operational secrets which Lieberman dismissed.
7. # 6
DSM ,   USA   (11.18.18)
During Obama's eight year reign the United States lost many excellent, in the field, generals to be replaced by political appointed generals who agree with the policies of the Kenyan,Muslim Obama. It is a terrible thing when that happens to a country and can lead to devastation on the battle field. Those in the Pentagon didn't care as long as they held onto their own power, the media didn't care as they were in Obama's pocket and American's, in general, if they cared had no way to stop it. Don't let that continue to happen in Israel.
8. Fool me once
Daniel Freedman ,   Tzfat   (11.18.18)
Bibi fooled a lot of us last time, not this time. No way, no how Bibi
9. Netanyahu doesn't want to end up in the Hague for War Crimes
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.19.18)
Another Gaza War in 2018, will not improve Netanyahu's odds of avoiding being charged, and prosecuted for War Crimes, in the 2014 War in Gaza.

10. If they go more left wing these claims are false, vote right
11. lieberman PM, bennet DM, bibi in jail!
12. something terrible is in the making
C   (11.18.18)
the vile shia terror regime is preparing to destroy much of the sovereign
jewish state of israel.
they are already settled in gaza with precision missiles.
they have large forces in the north, including hezbollah who is armed
to the teeth.
never since the war of independence has israel been under such
existential threat.
it is unknowable whether netanyahu could have prevented this
situation given that he was blackmailed for eight years by the
despicable obama regime.
prayers for the peace of jerusalem.
13. where are all the posts
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