Lieberman slams Bennett for staying in government
Moran Azulay, Attila Somfalvi, Alexandra Lukash
Published: 19.11.18, 16:15
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1. One has to give it to the political necrophiliac, Zandberg:
she misses no chance to spew anti-Bibi & anti Zionist crap!
2. Trump will recognize Jerusalem as capital of Palestine
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.19.18)
... under pressure from the Saudis and Gulf States, to bring Abbas back to the negotiating table.

Netanyahu needs a Right Wing government to navigate this Land Mine, and this is why Bennett did not leave the government, because he is a Patriot first deep down, and wants to stop Trump's "Deal of the Century".
3. Liberman
David   (11.19.18)
Mr. Liberman is nothing but a petty, small time politician, with aspirations greater than his capacities. For months, he stood by the PM's decision not to wage a war in Gaza, arguing that it would simply reward Abbas. Now that he sensed a political opportunity, he changed course, and joined his former allies on the left. The man is a phony, and it is about time that people start seeing through his false pretenses to be some kind of patriot.
4. Slamming and bashing within a government and parliament
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (11.19.18)
All Israëli politicians, as well, as apart and together, are chosen/elected to represent, to serve, to defend and to protect the Israëli people (in a democracy) and the interest of Israel at home and abroad. Just as in any other free, human and democratic country. We all know that in the "islam", undemocratic, apartheid, dictatorial, tyrannical, autocratic and autoritarian world the situation is different, with inhuman consequences unfortunately, more than half/50 % of humankind, who suffer from that. PLEASE G.D, ALSO SUPPORT ISRAEL, WITH GIVING WISDOM AND TOLLERANCE, FOR EXAMPLE.
5. New Prime Minister!!!!!
JHL ,   USA   (11.19.18)
Avigdor Liberman should be the next Prime Minister of Israel. Hopefully soon with elections falling in March of 2019. Mr Netanyahu has lost touch with the reality of the security needs of the people of Israel!!!!!!!!
6. so predictable, Bibi must be still ROTFL
divide and conquer, by the book. Bibi is so good at playing Lieberman and Bennet against each other, it could even be funny if not for the collateral damage to Israel.
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