Airbnb says removing listings in West Bank settlements
Reuters, Elisha Ben Kimon, Itamar Eichner
Published: 19.11.18, 21:10
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1. Would be a proper move, but unfortunately money talks...
2. It is not a boycott of Israel
West Bank settlements are not in Israel. It is Erdan who does not differentiate between West Bank and Israel, not BDS or Airbnb.
3. This only targets Jews, any Jew on airbnb funds Jew haters
This does not target non-jews over the green line, only jews, nor do they target occupied Cyprus, sahara and 100 other actual occupied territories.

Jews have allowed this open Jew hatred to continue for too long when will people wake up further than their own selfish immediate interests...
4. Against international law targets only Jews-Nazism normalise
Welcome to left wing globalism where private monopolies can discriminate against Jews with support of the population, against WTO laws.

5. airbnb is unethical and bad anyway, should be brought to
Court for tax evasion and many other crimes.
6. So I'll boycott Airbnb also
Yosi ,   Jerusalem   (11.20.18)
Besides, I think that bnb stands for bedbugs and bugs. I certainly had that happen to me. There are many other websites to choose from.
7. Clear-cut antisemitic/Islamo-fascist move on the part of Air
These sanctimonious bodies (or individuals) seem to NEVER expand their "critique"/ boycotts to the plentiful, TRUE bad guys on this planet.
Witness the obsessive UN dealings with Israel.
Cherchez la famme, in this case: look for Muslim financial influences in the Airbnb- machinery.
8. .. not enough, Israel in its entirety should be boycotted
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (11.20.18)
9. Boycotting the Jews from Judea.
tiki ,   belgium   (11.20.18)
But not the Turks from Cyprus, the Moroccans from W-Sahara, Russians from Crimea, Chinese from Tibet.....or the Arabs from occupied Judea & Samaria.

Their pathetic 'moral' statement is laughable. It's one sided racist Antisemitism.

In the end, the Jews of Judea will of course set up their own profitable network and wave bye2beye to Airbnb.
10. There needs to be a resolution after 50 years
The international community does not recognize the settlements.

They are not part of Israel over the green line, where there is military occupation.

Defense Minister said in his interview the 2 state solution was on its way, until the right came and put and end to it.

The U.N. issued a resolution going back to green line. You can't accept resolution for creation of Jewish State in '48, and ignore the rest.

This isn't an anti-Semitism issue, the way I see it

And with regard to the U.S., 2 states have been challenged, on their BDS laws and the complainants won, on free speech grounds. Boycotting is a legitimate means of peaceful protest for Americans There is an occupation, it is not baseless hatred.

I Pray for Moshiach and for an end to this conflict that is harming everyone involved, Jews and Palestinians, in Israel and the Diaspora.

11. Everything is Shameful
Tourism Minister calls this "shameful."

It was "shameful" when Ahed Tamimi was invited to Spain and given a T-shirt.

The Palestinian civilians are suffering under occupation. Not everyone is a terrorist.

Defense Minister and Netanyahu said there will be no 2 state solution.

You aren't giving activists any choice... the international community sees *that* as shameful.

12. ‘ We Must Never Allow Legitimate Criticism of Israel to be
Ken   (11.20.18)
Defined as Anti-Semitic’ otherwise the term ‘anti semitic’ Will lose any meaning at all. Especially to Jews.
13. I'm Done with AirBNB
Richard ,   USA   (11.21.18)
I just deactivated my AirBnB account and recommend everyone who resents anti-semitism and the BDS movement do the same. There should be a price to pay for blatant anti-semitism
14. Time for so called liberals t stand up for oppressed minorty
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