Military Advocate General isn't dangerous, Bennett is
Liron Libman
Published: 20.11.18, 17:24
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1. Yes, the Military Advocate is dangerous
DSM ,   USA   (11.20.18)
Soldiers can not go into battle worried about how military lawyers and politicians will treat them. It seems recently that military lawyers are more intent on punishing soldiers than they are worried about rockets fired into Israel.
2. MAG is mugging the IDF of deterrence
Bar Star ,   Jerusalem   (11.20.18)
"We can fight terrorism—even successfully— within legal boundaries." Is this man for real? IDF successfully bombs empty buildings and parking lots while people in the South suffer tremendously. Eisenkot and his incompetent MAG must be fired.
3. He tells the truth he exposed the tunnels army denied exist
BennettForPM ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.20.18)
Media trying to paint him as an extremist it wont work public
knows the truth
Eliyahu Kitov ,   Safed   (11.20.18)
According to this article, our soldiers can shoot to protect themselves- which is odd, because fear of this MAG has indeed frightened them from doing so.
5. bennett did not say the soution is simple
mit   (11.20.18)
Bennett never said the solution is simple. rather he said that Israel has to take initiative. to eliminate arsonists and ied and molotov flamethrowers. to wipe out not 4 big strategic buildings, but many such buildings, arms depots, naval docks, boats, and to target Hamas leaders.

getting close to sinwar's house is no accomplishment period as the idf suggests.

while Israeli civilians take the brunt, the military has been overly defensive and restricted, yes restricted fighting with one arm tied behind its back. example-idf spent 45 min talking to gazan to get out of building before it was bombed. that is ridiculous. give him 2 minutes notice and then strike.

Netanyahu is passive, gushy, easily buckles under pressure. he is only good fighting among fellow Jews. with non jews, he acts scared like hell.

Bennett likely knows bibi will never change. he may pay a price since at his core, bibi is a pacifist as h aaretz wrote.
6. Bennet rightly believes Killing more Pal kids would get him
Shlomo Ganor Levi ,   Tel Aviv   (11.21.18)
elected. This is an open secret in Israeli politics. If you shed more Pal blood, you become more popular
7. Nazis would have won if Allies had an MAG!
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.21.18)
The IDF is fighting for our freedom and our existence and we should not be burdened by the MAG. We need to win and the MAG makes it practically impossible to do so. Nazis would have won WW II if the Allies had been burdened by destructive leftist MAG oversight. Israel needs to fight the same way the Allies fought. Get rid of the MAG now!
8. Israel being investigated by ICC for War Crimes since 2014
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.24.18)
2,300 Palestinians killed, including 500 children, and 10,000 wounded, and only 67 killed on Israeli side, almost all IDF soldiers.

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