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Nazi sword gifted by Himmler to Jerusalem mufti auctioned online
Itamar Eichner
Published: 20.11.18, 23:12
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1. Mufti cooperated with Nazis to save his people,we did the
shlomo Gindi ,   Tel Aviv   (11.21.18)
same in order to save Jews
2. They gave swords out at the Holocaust?
Levittown, NY   (11.23.18)
3. Yad Vashem will never show this ..not a Leftist Narrative
PostZionistPervrsion ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.23.18)
Yad Vashem has removed from their exhibits ALL involvement of the Palestinian
leader Haj Amin Al Husseini from the Museum !!!! Frightening that
these Post Zionist Scoundrels are allowed to pervert history . Can no one bring them
to order what's going on ....?!! Shame on Yad Vashem Shame on the Israeli Government for desecrating the memory of the millions murdered
4. The Palestinian leader and Himmler
steve ,   beer sheva   (12.04.18)
The Mufti collaborated with one of the most evil men in the world. But the British appeasing to Arab opinion did not try him as a traitor and execute him like they did with other collaborators.
He even spent his war years in Berlin and came back to Jerusalem to continue his incitement.
Clearly Arabs, Nazis and Appeasement are all closely connected still; as they have always been!
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