Knesset conference calls for evacuation of Hebron settlers
Amihai Attali
Published: 21.11.18, 09:21
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1. A gathering of Israel enemies and traitors. Arrest them all.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.21.18)
2. Segregation.
Joel   (11.21.18)
If the Jews in Hebron did not live in segregation from the Arabs they would have been slaughtered like Sheep many years ago.
Jews have as much right to live in Hebron as the Arabs do.
As much as 93% of Hebron is in Arab control.
The Jews only control 7% of the city.
What about the rest of the 97 % of Hebron that is clean from Jews?
The lefties must be living on a different planet.
3. Please study these specimens: that’s where ALL our faulty,
Jewish genes reside!
What a crew of utter idiots, no other description/adjective fits.
4. The anti-Jewish & anti-Israel subversive activities of
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (11.21.18)
these "Jewish" tinneph-NGOs must come to an end. None of them is helpful for the well-being of Falastinians and Israeli Arabs. On the contrary. See what happened with SodaStream!

They are pro-actively defaming and demonizing the Jewish State Israel and Jews. They pro-actively promote and support the anti-Semitic BDS-Movement. They are responsible for criminal actions against Jews.

I strongly recommend to act at first against the mother of all anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish NGOs, the evil-doing "new Israel fund", the most dangerous NIF = Notorious:Infame:Fiendish. When they fail with their anti-Israel and anti-Jewish policy, others will fail too.

For Zion
5. definition of "extremists"
tiki ,   belgium   (11.21.18)
Those parties sitting in the Israeli Knesset and smear Israel whenever & where ever they can!

They are defending the global obsession of an occupation of a country that doesn't exist.
6. Protocol Concerning the Redeployment in Hebron
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (11.21.18)
Following Oslo, the Protocol was signed in 1997 no lesser parties than Bibi Netanyahu, Warren Christopher (US Secretary of State), and that great peacemaker, Yasser Arafat. It divided Hebron into two parts: H1, the much larger area administered by the PLO, and H2, administered by Israel. Now, these false peacemakers, B'Tselem and the United Arab Party, want to void this agreement by smearing the "settlers" that live there. Is there no greater proof of Israel's strong democracy and protection of free speech than allowing these miscreants to rally in the Knesset? Try doing that in Russia, China, Iran, etc.

There has been a continuous Jewish presence in Hebron since time immemorial with the sole exception of the ethnic cleansing performed by the local Arabs in the early 20th century. Hebron is the 2nd most holy site in Judaism. It matters not to these Jew-haters.
7. Arabs need to learn how to live in peace
Ken   (11.21.18)
If they can't, then they should be expelled from the city.
8. Those 'settlers' are the canaries in the coal mine.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.21.18)
Why shouldn't Jews live in Hebron? They have for thousands of years. These RESIDENTS of Hebron allow the Arabs to show their true colors concerning peace. If a few families can't live in peace without IDF protection, what's that say about our Arab neighbors?

Abbas has stated many times that 'Palestine' will be Jew-free. How is that not ethnic cleansing? 'Palestine' without Jews is just another Gaza, where rabid jihadists perpetually plan Israel's demise.

These Jewish RESIDENTS of Hebron are not the problem. The Arabs with their dar al-Islam (land of Islam) thinking are. When Abbas can guarantee the total safety of Jews living in Hebron, so much so that IDF protection is no longer needed, then we will find a way to peace.

But as of right now, Abbas hasn't uttered a word.

Until then, keep watch on these brave canaries and protect them from the wolves who would eat them.
9. Finally we hear some good sense!
Eric ,   Toronto   (11.21.18)
Indeed, it is utter madness to endanger the lives of the IDF soldiers and spend millions for a bunch of extremists. There is no logic for a handful of people to live in the midst of a huge Arab population.
10. Hertz is a disaster
myron jones ,   Louisville, Kentuck   (11.21.18)
The same idiots who got us out of Gaza with the same argument and will result in the same disaster. The problem with the Left is they don't learn and don't modify their agenda to fit reality.
11. A gathering of terrorists and traitors. Execute them!
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.21.18)
12. Some good sensr
Anny4 ,   Jerusalem   (11.21.18)
Very right
BTW,no occupation was successful ever in History
The March of Folly

13. a bunch of traitors allowed to hold event at the Knesset
this display of Israel's tolerance, the ensuing siacussion about a few families tjat we want protected and they want removed, prevent us and the world from focusing on the real problem: ANTISEMITISM. Stop appeasing the antisemites. Tere won't be peace until individuals will be free to buy land and settle without being discriminated for their religiin.
14. No need to wait for "Hebron first" since 77% of the country,
Nadav Katz ,   Qatzrin   (11.21.18)
located between the Jordan River and the Arabian desert, defined "the national home of the Jewish people" by international law - San Remo conference, 1920 - was handed over to the Arabs in 1921 by the British, contrary to international law. The Arabs have never been pleased with only this hand-over. They have been eager to ensure that the rest of the country, including the rest of it, 23%, located between the Jordan River and the Med. Sea, is also "cleansed" of its Jews. Well, we say to the Antisemitic/Anti-Jewish racist Arabs and their Jewish collaborators: NEVER AGAIN!!
15. and Why Not we have not built there large scale in 51 years
WhyBlameThem?! ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.21.18)
If anyone is the blame it is all Israeli governments especially this one
in fifty one years little has happened there population together
with Kiriat Arba is still around 7.000 despite all the lofty rhetoric
about Hebron Kiriat Arab being the "second holiest site to the Jewish People"
The Arabs see this and get the message Hebron is dispensable in any
future "peace talks" and lets face it the Secular Coastal Ghetto cares
little for Judaism or even Jewish Tradition Hebron means little or nothing
to them the secular educational system and popular culture in the media
have been brainwashed them out of Judaism and Zionism by the Post Zionist
who control them The majority of Israelis have become second rate
copies of the Worst of Western Culture and the Arabs are correct in now
calling us a "Western Colonial Power a people with no real culture of their own"
Language is not enough what that we can constantly harangue each other
in Hebrew not enough to call us " a people"
The Arabs are correct Hebron means little or nothing to the majority of
"Israelis" formerly Jews but now that was just an accident of birth ....
16. Which part of “Heeb-Ron” these morons don’t get??!!
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