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Who will replace Netanyahu?
Aviad Kleinberg
Published: 22.11.18, 00:14
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1. Actually
Boaz   (11.22.18)
Bennett was told that the US is working on a peace plan. That now with all the secret and the open meetings with Arab leaders it is not the right time to alianate them and go to war in Gaza.
Netanyahu is and has been a suspect of corruption in various cases. He did not stand trial and these accusation didn't go to court. So for the sake of fairness stick to the facts is is not corrupt, because he has not been convicted in a court of law. Public and journalistic conviction are referred to as fake news. Aviad you don't want to own that label? right?
Now who else do you know in Israel who makes the case for the country as Bibi does? I don't like him, but can we afford the luxury of having worse?
2. "And there lies the rub" !
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.22.18)
This has been my long run argument with my husband. Give me a candidate that I feel can qualify as PM on an equivalent basis as Bibi or better. And I am still not sure there is one out there. There are so many characteristics to take into account when a new PM should be voted into office. I, personally, do not think about party affiliations - only the candidate.

3. The Knesset reflects the people.. moochers schnorrers low l
Al   (11.22.18)
What do you expect?

You vote for them.

They reflect you.

You have no one to blame but yourselves.

Change the electoral system and allow the Knesset to do the people's work.

Otherwise you will never have a representative government.
4. 1:DO we really want to replace a winning horse? 2: There's
no other, young horse on the horizon, that induces any hope.
Besides: Benett, just like everybody else in the racket called politics, played his hand and momentarily "lost".
That's the game, that's how you it.
You can spin things later on, to your heart's content.
Aviad does that with this article: THAT's politics :-))
5. Where is the responsability in critical times????
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (11.22.18)
Pure speculation , as Aviad main preucapation is in Singing Chairs , and so much pushing to Avi Gabbai BS.scent ???
Rabbi Nachman of Breslov once wrote that every person in public service is driven by a deep desire to advance – a will to lead. This drive is so powerful that sometimes elected officials put personal gain over the good of the public.

In recent days, Israeli citizens received a sobering lesson in political conduct, clearly distinguishing between those who seek personal gain and those who put temporary electoral considerations aside and opt for national responsibility. Avigdor Lieberman abandoned his post solely on the assumption that doing so would help him scrounge more right-wing votes. The same Lieberman who criticizes others for clinging to their seats is busy preparing a cushier seat for himself after the next elections. He appears to have forgotten, however, that Israelis don't like political manipulations. The terrorists in Gaza, meanwhile, certainly love the public relations victory of having ousted an incumbent defense minister.
Habayit Hayehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett and fellow party member Ayelet Shaked proved they are capable of putting the country's welfare over their own personal interests. It takes immense fortitude to climb back down from the very tall tree Bennett had scaled. They undoubtedly anticipated the barrage of derision and mockery that ensued from the Left, and the media that serves the Left. After all, the Left had pinned so many hopes on Habayit Hayehudi withdrawing from the coalition and bringing down the government.
6. Won't this be decided in the Masonic Lodge?
Levittown, NY   (11.22.18)
Democracy is just a front the real business is done in the Lodge by a brotherhood you're not part of.
7. Netanayu
BEM ,   T/A   (11.22.18)
Every 4 to 8 years the US goes to elections and no matter how good,rotten or useless the sitting President is , he will go .

The people then HAVE to elect a New President , to imagine there is NOBODY to replace Netanayu is to imagine the Moon is made of Cheese.

The elected followers of Netanyu (Bennet and Shaked) are his lap dogs and if the public cant or wont see this then be it upon their own heads.

It is self apparent that despite that we can do better but if we dont then we have only ourselves to blame
9. They don't want the fall of Bibi because
Avi L.   (11.22.18)
They don't want the fall of Bibi because they have no place outside of a right wing government

Another government would mean left wing WITHOUT Bennet and Shaked, meaning no power, loss of supporters ... no power

No ideology, just power

Nothing simpler nor more basic
10. When a gutsier patriot is ready to take the reins of power
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.22.18)
In election after election, Israelis prove we won't replace Bibi just for the sake of replacing him. There has to be a solid reason to do so. No sane Israeli wants the disaster of leftist leadership again. Bibi will be replaced when a gutsier rightist patriot is ready to take the reins of power.
11. bbi hould be replaced
martin   (11.22.18)
bibi cares about surival poliltically. he wouldcut deals with meretz if necesary.

feiglin, bennett, saar, lieberman would easily be better than bibi who is a blowhard. since he is pm, i cannot think of one major action vis a viv hamas or hezbollah that backed them up.

he shrinks from confrontation even when such confrontation is necessary. get him out of the pm office fast. Bennett should pull the plug. Quit wasting time.
12. Benet's views pose a danger for the future of Israel
Danger-o-meter   (11.23.18)
13. All Despots are Invincible until the very End, Stalin was
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (11.24.18)
... the Exception in modern times, WW2 and America saved him.
14. Who is suited for leadership?
Volvi Goldberger   (11.24.18)
Natanyahu is the pen-ultimate politician. He knows the game and he is a survivor. He is Mr Status Quo. Like a Moby Dick captain he sails the rough seas and only seeks to keep the ship afloat. No purposeful navigation for that requires vision and knowing what your goals are. Bibi has no goals, no vision for Israel into the future, just navigate the rough seas keeping his position as captain and the ship afloat. The electorate knows this, finds some comfort in it yet dissapointed in his impotence. He is long serving and a "known quantity" and thats what keeps him there.

But its high time for a leader that has vision and not just political survival. Someone to fulfil Israels goal and destiny. Benett is like a boy in the play pen, likes to play. Not a serious candidate for PM imho. Yair Lapid has the best of them all for charisma, sell-ability, a most likeable person and personality. Quite typically suited to the media and from whence he came. But he has no ideology or vision just looking good for the masses and would not stand firm facing tough realities. Shaked has possibilities but not for another 10-20 years into the future. Saar, Lieberman et all are old hacks, they are in the "business" but have no self for true leadership.

There is only 1 person that I see that has vision, ideology and knows his goals and where he wants Israel to get to. He lacks charisma but he is very smart, very intelligent and reads between the lines very well. Though hes been on the scene 20+ years, he is still not a household name. He is out there but the majority of the elctorate is still too dumb to appreciate his policies and visions. He is the right man to lead Israel back on the course she was always meant to be on. To secure Israels future, to set it on the path ensuring its survival into the many centuries ahead. His name is Moshe Feiglin and his party is Zehut.
15. sacha baron cohen will replace netenyahoo
Tayfun ,   Istanbul   (11.24.18)
Show must go on.
After all sacha baron cohen is a nobile baron
And he is at least as funny as netenyahoo.
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