The government that cried 'wolf!'
Susie Becher
Published: 23.11.18, 12:22
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1. Are we better?
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (11.23.18)
Two questions help us to determine whether our Jewish leaders, grand children of the victims of the genocide in WWII, are better than the leaders in WWII of those nations, who stood silently aside, though most were actively involved, indeed.
Do our leaders negate the pressure to do what is expected from them and do what is right and just dispite?

Here the questions:
1. Do we resist the Nazi Junta in Ukraine, which was installed by our "western allies" in Kiev?
2. When the real role of USA in perpetraiting Holocaust will be shown in Yad Vashem?
2. Is #1 Mr Reason free of Russian influence?
p-ro reason   (11.23.18)
Let us recognize the danger of the ongoing Russian war against us Jews and Israelis.

The other topic: Why to smear Kiev?

Kiev has been liberated from a puppet of the Kremlin but Russian attacks continue on Kiev in an armed aggression.

All of us should defend the new Kiev.
3. Agree 100%, very Concerned
Chaya   (11.23.18)
On Thanksgiving I am grateful and giving thanks for this article.

I will be repeating my Thanks during the Modeh Ani.

Anti-Semitism is a white supremacist walking into a Synagogue and massacring Jews while davening.

There needs to be clarity and a distinction, the same for the anti-BDS laws in the U.S., and the State Departments definition of anti-Semitism.

I am frightened of where we are going, otherwise

4. what bechet is saying
C   (11.23.18)
if jews are murdered anywhere in the world, it is a great calamity.
if jews are mudered in the sovereign jewish state of israel, it is
the result of jewish self determination.

jews have no connection to the land of israel; jews never had
jewish kingdoms; jews never had jewish temples; the torah
is not a jewish book; the jewish exile is a figment of the
imagination; the hebrew language did not exist three thousand
years ago and the torah was not written in hebrew; the laws
of moses were an invention by zealots; judaism is an invention
by the inquisition.
there is only one truth: palestinism and the mosque built by
invading hordes of muslims on top of the remnants of the jewish
temples as a sign of imperial conquest and subjugation.
5. stupid leftist, need a bright line test?
when a policy targets a state and that state is the only state for a targeted group, that policy is racist / antisemitic / bigoted.

citizens of France have only one state. The only group who wears hijab in France are muslim women. A policy banning conspicuous head covering in public space is clearly bigoted/targeted. A policy banning all religious head covering is not, because it would also capture inconspicuous apparel such as hats and wigs.

muslim of the world have plenty of states. A policy boykotting one of these states is not automatically anti-muslim. There can be multiple reasons to target that state and those conducting themselves like it.

there is only one Jewish state. Any policy targeting it that does not target other states conducting themselves in a similar (or alleged similar) way is automatically antisemitic.

The day AirBeds&Bugs will delist properties in Gibraltar I will believe their good intentions. Until then, their policy is antisemitic and the IHRA definition proven right.

There is right and there is wrong. There is right, and there is left. Is left always wrong? You, writer of this post, are!
6. article is logical and makes sense
Khalid Amayreh ,   Occupied Jerusalem   (11.23.18)
7. interesting article with some provocative points...
Rafi ,   US   (11.23.18)
8. Only a Leftist lemming & an "Intellectual-progressive"-type
can deliver such musings as this Author.
Nothing's too dumb for a person of high intelligence...unfortunately for the Human Kind.
9. Finally!
Petra Moss ,   Monmouth   (11.24.18)
Brilliant article that lays it out perfectly. So fed up with the waving of the anti-semitism flag, the minute one critiques any Israeli policies or points out racism. Yes, other countries get criticised and boycotted as well, but don’t start accusations that that critisism is due to their race or religion!
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