Israeli-American convicted of false bomb threats gets 10 years
Gilad Morag
Published: 22.11.18, 15:47
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1. Kids are very talented nowadays
Ken   (11.22.18)
We must keep an eye on them.
2. DON'T DO IT .
NIKE ,   SAFED HONESTY   (11.22.18)
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (11.22.18)
Aint nobody above the law.....
4. still able to cause damage and putting people in danger
lilian ,   t''a   (11.22.18)
actually a terrorist!
causing fear,
it is enough that the danger is percieved as real
5. Are the parents Israeli Arabs? Demolish their house. Ha ha.
Ken   (11.22.18)
6. Neighbors said family was Keftist subscribed to Haaretz
InvestgateHisFamily ,   Jerusalem   (11.22.18)
What kind of Jewish education did he have if any or was it anti Jewish education?! G-d help us when he gets out .....!
7. FAKE NEWS blamed the threats on Trumps politic!
Donald   (11.22.18)
Now they are silent!
8. I wish I had his "autism"....obviously en Evil Genius?
9. He created huge anti Semitic backlash in US .on purpose?
JewishSelfHate?! ,   Jerusalem   (11.23.18)
Not only did he give ammunition fir generations of anti semites but he seriously damaged the fabric of Jewish American Israeli relations
Why are we not learning more if his abd his family’s background that may have brought about this horror it could very well gave a bearing
Neighbors said the family was subscribers to the extreme Left Wing paper Haaretz ..why this cover up ..?! If this is a case of a family infected with the Jewish Disease of Sekf Hate ( not found in ant other people or nation ) we had better find s pill to cure it and fast before it brings us all down....
10. He got 10 years to please the Americans
Joe ,   Tel-Aviv   (11.23.18)
Otherwise it would have been community service.
11. His mother “ I’’m Ashamed of My Country” NY Times today
”AshamedOfMyCountry” ,   Jerusalem   (11.23.18)
Today The NY Times reported his American/Israeli mother as blaming the country “ I ‘m ashamed of my country for acting like this “( his sentencing)
Neighbors reported his family subscribed to the extreme Left paper Haaretz his father is an Israeli engineer the Times said
Was he influenced and influenced by his Left Wing parents ?
Is the Israeli media covering this story up ?!!!
12. Double negative, false threat equals no evidence bs.
Levittown, NY   (11.23.18)
13. in my opinion psychologist should explain him more
n ,   none   (12.08.18)
in my opinion psychologist should explain him life,and psychiatrist should support him mentally and he should get small punishment as a sign...Thats the way.
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