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Iran's great nuclear deception
Ronen Bergman
Published: 23.11.18, 08:43
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1. done sly & smooth that operation
Cameron   (11.23.18)
As slick as it gets.

The powers that be in Tehran must have howled like dogs at the moon upon being notified.
2. Retired
Alan ,   Tel-Aviv   (11.23.18)
Purim will be celebrated this year with extra enthusiasm. Shabat Shalom
3. This kind of information proves the value of the nuclear
Ken   (11.23.18)
agreement and maybe some historical information valued by Iranian historians. I guess it is also good for fear mongers wishing to to create fear in people of little knowledge. The rest of us are impressed by Israel’s interest in historical events in Iran more so than in their own country. In the last 70 years balloons have been used as weapons thousands of times, whereas nuclear weapons have only been used by fear mongers intent in instilling fear.
4. Never mind whatever proof you show....
Phoenix   (11.23.18)
It doesn’t matter whatever proof with photos, videos or documents.
The UN and the Goyish world don’t give a damn!
The UN will defend all that’s evil; the UN it’s runned by antisemites and evil people.
Netanyahu can show anything the UN or the EU don’t give a FK!
YOSSI BOND ,   SAFED 007   (11.23.18)
MO SAD ,   SAFED 007   (11.23.18)
You have to get up early in the morning to (try to ) fool " The Institute " !
7. Israel has provided concrete proof of Iran's nuclear weapons
C   (11.23.18)

it is not in any way surprising that the shia terror regime developed
the shia terror regime's nuclear weapons program on two separate
and parallel routes.
on one route, iran developed only that which it was willing to show
to the iaea and the world powers.
on another route, iran developed its real and workable nuclear weapons
program. the documents of this program was eventually collected
and hidden in a warehouse in a decrepit tehran suburb.
one can only imagine the surprise and despair of the leaders of this
program aand their political leaders that their nuclear archives were
extracted from that warehouse in a matter of hours from under their
nose. we must thank the men and women of the mossad, and especially,
their above brilliant commander yossi cohen for this amazing
intelligence coup.
prayers for the peace of jerusalem.
8. Story of the teapot calling the kettle black.
Levittown, NY   (11.23.18)
9. Not to diminish our accomplishment(Mossad) even one iota,
BUT: only the ones wishing Israel's destruction& total annihilation could've been "astonished/surprised" by these findings/revelations!
Any sane, average IQ person knew what the Iranian mullahs were up to.
First& foremost: Hussein Barack Obama.....
Or are you pleased to see me ?
11. Nov 23/18 important article by israel harel of haaretz
rory   (11.24.18)
israel harel captured what Bennett, lieberman, and supporters of Isreal have been saying since protective edge of 2014 about netanyahu. read this excerpt of his article...

"Another of Bennett’s comments is also worth noting. The Israeli security ship of state is not sailing in the right direction and needs to change course. Netanyahu – rather than the yes-men defense ministers who have consented to the indecisive policies that he has led, is at the helm of this failed security ship. If we don’t want the terrorist states to continue posing a challenge as they please deep inside Israel, the security ship needs to make a U-turn. And Netanyahu, who is now also defense minister, and is a prisoner to his psychological inhibitions and complexes, is not the person to carry it out. It is now necessary for another ship captain to take charge on the bridge.

..." If there are signs that we have freed ourselves from these self-imposed fetters of confusion, it will be clear to Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah and Hamas’ Yahya Sinwar that challenging Israel again will end in their demise personally and for the state-like entities they have established. Those 70 more years of hostilities will be wondrously shortened. And most importantly: There will be no need to prove it with an all-out war."

harel writes that netanyahu may be inhibited by psychological inhibitions and complexes.Other people can call this something close to cowardice. His actions prove it. bibi has even said he would do anything to avoid war. when the bully keeps beating and provoking, you better confront him after training up or get someone else to take him on.and if you do not confront him soon, he will get even stronger.

Bennett should tell netanyahu even now, he still wants the defense post in 60 days or he will collapse the govt. better late than never
12. "lukewarm" internat'l reaction: Can in part be explained
Rafi ,   US   (11.24.18)
by the photos that comprise this article...

Who places himself between the subject material and the audience/viewer?

Who obsessively appears in these photos and PR event?... and seemingly cannot stop selling himself as a part of the package, being the classic hack salesman that he is?

People worldwide - including Jewish communities - have long stopped trusting whatever Bibi Netayanhu is pitching. Be it at the UN, US Congress, or elsewhere, he's a terrible spokesman for the State of Israel.

He simply is not trusted.... So even if the wolf is really at the door, no one now believes the lying boy anymore... his credibility is shot... and Israel pays the price. (No wonder he & Trump the other classic huckster are such good buddies)

The sooner Netanyahu gets out of the picture altogether... the better for Israel and the Jewish people!

Otherwise... an excellent, well-researched & reported analysis by Ronen Bergman.
13. next mission: targeted killing!
14. Nuclear weapons and humankind
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (11.25.18)
Denuclearization for any country and all.
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