Jewish arsonist makes unusual confession: 'I didn't think enough'
Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 25.11.18, 15:32
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1. Unbelievably annoying
Avi ,   NYC   (11.25.18)
The “Hill Youth” characters are arrogant, unclean and not very intelligent. However, what I find really annoying is that a large portion of them, who are ethnically Jewish Arabs, are claiming to speak and act in the name of real Jews like me.
2. The High Court did the right thing
These actions by out of control settler youth should be condemned at the highest levels and by every Jew and Israeli.

They go against Torah and Jewish values; they are despicable.

His letter is more about remorse for his situation as a prisoner than for what he did, in my opinion. Did he apologize directly to the Christians he harmed?

He needs to pay for what he did and Israel needs to send a clear message to settler youth who still are vandalizing, also in West Bank.

They are a disgrace to Judaism.

3. I think he is unrepentant, would do it again & again
ASSAF YAGORI ,   Jerusalem   (11.25.18)
but this is what they are instructed to say in case they are caught
5. You cannot fight religious war by burning down houses of.
Ideas have to be toppled by stronger ideas.
Besides: good luck with that:-)
Had it been easy we’d have a chance against Islam: humanity’s Enemy no.1
6. My Three Masters
Angus ,   Tyre, Lebanon   (11.25.18)
Each epoch of history emphasizes and condemns according to the patterns that distinguish it from any other epoch.
I owe my understanding of Judaism to 3 outstanding characters:
To our father Abraham, who lived some time in Ur and then passed through Haram.
To Moses the Egyptian, the leader of the 14th of Nisam, of the crossing of the Red Sea, who revealed us the Ten Commandments and led us to our Promised Land.
And to Elías, the supreme thaumaturge of Mount Carmel.
I've nothing to add or remove to what they taught and showed us.
This is all I've to say.
7. ridiculous
doda   (11.25.18)
too short sentence and still he got married in prison. What cruelty was done against him?! And what part exactly is included in his regrets? Add another 5 years to this act of terror
8. remorse
P   (11.26.18)
From what I can see, his statement of remorse does not include even one word about the pain he caused to people of the Christian faith, whose building he burned. He mentions only the pain he caused his family, and philosophical thoughts on how he was influenced, how people change, etc.
9. Columnist vehently anti religious any doubts ..?
YNET'sUglyFace ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.26.18)
10. He Didn't Apologise For the Pain He Caused To Christians
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.26.18)
Only to his family did he express remorse. Sounds like he wants a parole. And he'll get it because he's just a poor misunderstood Jewish man.
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