UN representative to Israelis: 'Why do you keep living on Gaza border?'
Matan Tzuri
Published: 26.11.18, 09:23
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1. Ignorance is such a blessings.
tiki ,   belgium   (11.26.18)
Trying to change the minds of these UN professional idiots is a waste of time.

For them the world is simple.

Israel is bad, Palestinians are good.

Jews rule the world and because of that the world is suffering!

When will you finally understand?
2. When Pals cry out 4 justice,we say leave if you don't like
shulamit Shmirling ,   Tel   (11.26.18)
it"! same logic,same mentality
3. My Response to the UN
Merle ,   Netanya   (11.26.18)
If they’d asked me why I still live there i’d have said because it’s my home and rockets from Gaza hit Ashkelon a large city in the south so how far should I go? I’d have said,”Are you suggesting that terrorizing citizens of Israel is ok because they live near a border? Are you suggesting that if this was occurring in a European country who’s city sat on the border of another country that terrorizing either citizens is ok? Is your solution ..just move?”

This is why the UN is irrelevant.
5. Trust me: these apparatchiks are WELL connected to....
their antisemitic roots& convictions!
6. Europe is a small bit of the world and getting smaller ..
DyingEurope ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.26.18)
will probably break up in the near future east west split Europe will be
France Germany Holland Belgium and few loosely tied others
don't fear them they hated us in Europe they will always hate us do
whats best for Israel.....these Europeans are the children or grandchildren
of those who either actively murdered us or passively looked the other way
why do you care what the decedents of our murders say ? They do not
now or ever will have our safety or good as an priority . Stop worrying about them ! The French are rioting violently in the streets of Paris this is a sign of serious trouble ahead for France and the European Union
7. Because europe failed to protect them from 1933
Avi L.   (11.26.18)
8. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (11.26.18)
Israel to UN; because we live here and want to live in peace. how would you like it if somebody sent rockets to your hose.
9. nothing new at the Useless Nations.
10. United Nations Organization and Israel
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (11.26.18)
Let the UN Human Rights Council begin to reform the UN first in a strengthened, human and democratic way, before having critics on countries. Almost all peoples and humankind paid more than enough contribution and taxes for it, since 1945. Otherwise the UN is getting more and more unimportant.
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