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First Chadian president to visit Israel labeled 'brutal tyrant'
Dror Liba
Published: 26.11.18, 21:51
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1. No WMD ever found but the precipitious chads right here.
NYNY   (11.26.18)
2. I guess he is in good company then!!
Sam   (11.27.18)
3. Russia, China too
Boaz   (11.27.18)
But no one suggests staying away. mmmm too important economic partners, let me guess why Russia and China, but not Chad
4. Hold your horses, dear sanctimonious& righteous critics of
this President/African country.
After all, we're talking about Muslim mindset, ruling through Islam: what did you expect?
Does any other kind of rule exists in any of Islamic countries?
Does China behave differently, does Russia under Putin differ that much?
As usual: "only not Bibi"- mob doing it's rain-dance.
Well folks: rain (downfall of King Bibi) ain't gonna fall!
5. a murderer can't lecture others on justice, a liar can not
ASSAF YAGORI ,   HAIFA   (11.27.18)
give lectures on the virtue of honesty. Netanyahu is thief, liar and murderer
6. Mr.
Yaakov ,   Beer Sheva   (11.27.18)
Some of remember the great relations we had with Iran. Even though the Shah was not known for his treatment of the country. When he fell, our relations turned to , you know.
Robert ,   Israel   (11.27.18)
I would like to know, among all Muslim countries (and there are many), if we can select five of them with democratic values as we, occidentals, know how a democratic country should be run. Even as being "democratic", people have a big confusion between "democracy" and "debauchery". Many of us, think that in a "democracy" everything must be allowed. And this is not how a democracy works. Not now, nor it did one thousand years ago.
8. Moral gatekeepers want Israel to be more catholic than Pope
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.27.18)
In this case the Pope is the EU
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