Israel works to release Arab detained by PA for selling lands to Jews
Elior Levy and Yishai Porat
Published: 26.11.18, 15:19
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1. where are you?
john Smith ,   London   (11.26.18)
"BTezelm" "NIL" "amnesty" "Adalah"
The Palestine organization like Hamas and Palestine authority crash civil right publicly .
Why we haven't heard your strong voice against 'Issam Akel abduction'?
Take men without judge from his home and deny him freedom.
If you are serious by your principles of "civil right" you need to be the first that opposed about this catastrophe.
But you are on silence.
Shame on you are hypocritical human!
You take the principles of human right to use it for your interest – this is the most damage for the Human rights effort.
This case finder us who you are.
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