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Measles outbreak hits ultra-Orthodox areas harder
Rotem Eliza
Published: 26.11.18, 23:24
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1. I live amongst haredi ...were it not
Al   (11.27.18)
For the Filipino helpers these haredi would float away with their haver..

They know nothing about cleanliness.

To them picking up after themselves is bittle Torah.

Yes that's how retarded they have become.

Incredibly stupid lazy people.
2. scaring the public?
dina   (11.27.18)
when I was young everybody had measles, it wasn't news-worthy, and everyone was naturally immunized. Perhaps had there not been vaccinations thus young mother would have also been naturally immunized by being exposed to measles when herself a youngster. Those who have complications - is it the measles or is it a faulty or weak immune system, lack of proper nutrition?
3. Get Vaccinated
An Alte Kacker ,   Maale Adumim   (01.21.19)
Vaccines should be mandatory; No child should be allowed to attend school without shots, even private or religious schools. They should set up a shot clinic in every shul in Israel. No exceptions; No excuses.
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