Netanyahu teaches his detractors a lesson in diplomacy
Shlomo Pyuterkovsky
Published: 26.11.18, 23:23
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1. Sign above Piano in a Bar Saloon in American Wild West 1870s
Alan ,   SA   (11.27.18)
2. talented but not a team player.
If only he could check his ego at the door and focus on diplomacy while leaving somebody with a different talent in charge of defense....
3. re: Mark Wiseman: Chad is a failed state
SK ,   Tel Aiv   (11.27.18)
The left then: Israel's actions are why she isn't accepted in the region. She must do XYZ so everyone likes her.

The left now: Chad is a failed state.

Most of the countries in the region are, and have been for a long time, failed states. Still it is better to be on good terms than not.
4. Only true, pathological cretins fail to see&acknowledge the
immense skills, dedication and success of our dear leader, B. Netanyahu.
The mob-like atmosphere created by relentless brainwashing techniques being perpetrated daily, by our so called "media" have taken considerable toll on the political IQ of our population.
Fortunately that portion of populace is getting smaller day by day....
5. Let's not be cynical but realist
Avi L.   (11.27.18)
Let's not be cynical but realist , Chad , after ten years of diplomatic efforts ... really?

Let's be realist, there are more urgent things to do beyond this PR stunt like Gaza, Abbas, Iran, Putin, Israel's social situation, x000 affairs ...

BTW the table was looking a bit stingy, It is reasonable to think that for a world power the setting would have been a tad more flamboyant.
6. heavy cost of war
jerry   (11.27.18)
it is one thing to privately talk about cost benefit ratio of waging war. the enemy must not think Israel will not fight if it has to because it is too consumed with casualties. i never thought i would hear an ex commando talk like that.

even if 500 soldiers were killed, but the operation saved 500 lives over 15 years of quiet, then it stlll might be worth it.

the excommando may be reflecting his own fear of war from his personal experience. bibi should hand the keys over to Bennett and fast. he is not equipped to wage war.

Hamas and now Iran are jumping on bibi's weakness generalizing it to Israelis. and israelis are not weak. they are strong and resilient. bibi by his continuing statements of fear of war and half hearted military actions is harming Israeli deterrence.

the perception of Israeli weakness emboldens enemies. bibi needs to give the keys to Bennett at defense. he should do it for the sake of Israel. he has no fight in him.

it is depressing to Israelis to hear this kind of talk. ariel sharon, golda meir, begin and shamir never talked like that. get out of the defense ministry for israel's sake. you do not know what you are doing.after the holocaust, to talk like this is a betrayal.
7. Israel, America's problem Child, constantly whining to get
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.01.18)
... its way.

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