CNN poll reveals depth of anti-Semitism in Europe
Richard Allen Greene
Published: 27.11.18, 11:55
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1. Antisemitism/Anti-Jewish racism shall never be eradicated
Nadav Katz   (11.27.18)
Antisemitism is the oldest human disease and one that is impossible to eradicate. Europe has been saturated with this disease for many centuries and what we observe is a continuation of it, despite efforts to undermine it and despite the fact that Europeans - yes, all Europeans, not only the Germans - managed to slaughter millions of our people and practically expell most of the others.

Yes, we do need to expose this evil whenever it appears, but we must also know: the only way to prevent being victims of this disease is to return to our national home, to ascend to the Land of Israel with Zion/Jerusalem at its heart, and take an active part in building it.

We, the Jews of the Land of Israel, are awaiting our sisters and brothers with open arms and open hearts. Please, return home before it is too late.
2. and the news is?
tiki ,   belgium   (11.27.18)
Better rich & influential......and hated than poor & insignificant........and loved.

Jew hate, the genetic disease of those who probably haven't seen a Jew in their life.

Their Jew hate has nothing to do with Jews but everything with their own genetic disorder, triggered by intense jealousy & stupidity toward those doing so much better than themselves.
3. We are right to use the Holocaust to justify our actions
Jake   (11.27.18)
Our enemies continue to call for our annihilation.
We can the cite the Holocaust as proof that when our enemies threaten our destruction, we should take them at their word, and take the necessary steps to defend ourselves.
4. Ynet refuses to post nonconformist views
Shela Ramon ,   Tel Aviv   (11.27.18)
this only will give legitimacy to anti-Semites
5. not complicated: Jews need to learn to fight back & hard...
Rafi ,   US   (11.28.18)
This was also a basic lesson of the Shoah...

Only when there is a heavy price to pay, will the bigots/ neo-Nazis move to a different target...
DAV ZEE ,   Brookhaven   (11.28.18)

7. soros
Htos1 ,   Fernandina, Fl. USA   (11.28.18)
So, the Weisenthal center will be getting right on the case of G.Soros, right? He's giving Israel a bad name.
8. JewishBrain+MuslimPower:clean Europe of PARASITIC Pathogens
smokeonwater   (04.01.19)
anti-SEMITISM is not only against jews.
It is also and probably much more against MUSLIMS, as muslims are also SEMITIC nations.
What Muslims experience today is exactly what jews have been experiencing for CENTURIES.
Jewish Brain + Muslim Power = to clean EUROPE off PARASITES and PATHOGENS
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