Violence against women is the norm that needs to change
Anat Lev Adler
Published: 27.11.18, 19:53
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1. Human rights policy
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (11.27.18)
Women"s rights also are human rights. To use unneeded violence against people does not go together with the free, human and democratic world. That should belong to the past at last.
2. And the rape I went through...
Hila ,   Jerusalem   (11.27.18)
Not by a spouse but by a dangerous man that's still walking free today... Feel free to re-open the police complaint file again (including all that vast and horrendous evidence) and do something to this animal that scarred me in more ways than one.
3. For years more women are graduating university than men.
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.27.18)
There are more women doctors and lawyers graduating than men. So, where do men get off thinking they are smarter than women? They have more brute strength which apparently they use for violence but that's about it.
If women are equal to men ,that means they have equal rights to a beating ?
5. The idea behind the article is correct and good
Tehraniporou   (11.29.18)
But let’s be serious killing is so extreme that ignorance concerns a minority of people. Every man can agree that women should be entitled to the same rights, pay etc. These rights need to be defended in the third world. In the western world you see more an extreme sort of feminism that rebut many men. Fortunately or unfortunately relationships are complex and they are based on a balance, a “rapport de force”. People are not reduced to Hunter or hunted. The extreme feminist should just not create a generation of emasculates “Swedish” men.
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