Netanyahu: Anti-Zionism is no different than anti-Semitism
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.11.18, 09:50
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1. Zionism and Judaism is two different things. don't confuse..
David   (11.28.18)
one with the other bibi.
2. Germany and Israel are countries, both have experienced hate
Ken   (11.28.18)
due to their idea of their supremacy. Isn’t anti semitism something different?
3. Anti-zionists,anti-semites want to take places of Jews
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.28.18)
Less Jews means less competition for jobs and business and in Israel territory.
Jews should not stop aspiring and non-Jews should make greater efforts at self-improvement rather than trying to chase the Jews away.
4. Anti semitism
Zev Taff ,   Kfar Vradim   (11.28.18)
The anti semites of the world are using their anti zionist stance as a vehicle to vent their hatred toward the Jewish people. It is naive to believe otherwise.
5. Zionism is the national self determination of Jewish people
C   (11.28.18)
jews had jewish kingdoms and jewish temples in the land of israel
thousands of years ago.
king david built the holy city of jerusalem and his son salamon built
the first jewish temple in jerusalem.
the laws of moses were the laws of the land and all foreigners
were required to observe jewish laws if they wanted the
rights afforded to native born jews.
the jews of the land fought many wars against invaders who wanted
to change the land of the jews and convert them. the jews
preferred exile and death to changing the laws of the land of israel.
jewish attachment to the land of israel was always fervent.
it is this attachment to the land of israel that made it possible
for the jewish people to liberate the land of israel and to declare
anew the independence of the sovereign jewish state of israel
and jerusalem as her eternal capital.
6. elections upcoming
george   (11.28.18)
Israelis have a clear choice: either revert to Oslo concessions, more rocket fire on ben gurion and tel aviv with hamastan in judea or the shapira proven accurate politican bennett.

this is serious. olmert and livni could not protect you as bodies were flying with each concession.

gabbay is more of the same. lapid learned his politics at the foot of olmert-he is a disciple. no one wants olmert could not get a more ignorant person in security than olmert.recall he said life will be fun when we pull out of gaza.

assuming times get tougher, Israel needs Jewish fighters like the partisans-bennett and uriel, feiglin for sure, some in the likud dichter etc, and lieberman to some extent though he changes from hard line to john kerry style which is troubling. barkat is another politician who would fight.

do not forget history. you need fighters. bibi will go because the indictments will pile up. how he ended up here is too much like olmert. plus he is not decisive and cannot take decisions especially in the military-he stalls and stalls. his words at times are good but he cannot back them up. this has been going on with him for some 25 years talker but little action. building fences and hiding behind them is a page from Ramon, another weakling. this is not the way to go.

so Israelis- do not screw it up. you will have to fight Stalingrad style to defeat enemies near and far. bibi hasn't got it, Bennett and feiglin will do whatever it takes. do not repeat history.
7. .
lea   (11.28.18)
There is religious Zionism. People who say otherwise are uneducated. Read about Rabbi Avraham Kook, first Chief Rabbi of Israel.
8. Judaism is a religion of Jews, Zionism is a political
Ken   (11.28.18)
organization since1897, it practices supremacy over others, even Jews.
It is the belief Israel is built on.
9. Anti-Zionism is a form of anti-Semitism.
Anti-Zionism is that form of anti-Semitism that  promotes contempt ,discrimination or dehumanization of the Jews as a people group or national group.
10. Even Jews & Israelis can’t define Anti-Semitism and agree?
Ken   (11.29.18)
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