Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
Trump’s statements on Israel will boomerang
Ron Ben Yishai
Published: 29.11.18, 01:04
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1. Smart move
Aaron   (11.29.18)
Trump probably knows that if he says the US is there to protect Arabs, it will hurt feelings among the gulf states, since they're so stuck up on manly honor and stuff.
2. And Erdogens staged coup is long forgotten
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (11.29.18)
What about the Syrian gass attacks or Irans hanging gay men usung a crane?
Seems that the Saudi elimination of a Muslim Brotherhood general is the only thing to carry a long memory.
Could it be that Muslim Brotherhood Qatar owns Al Jazeera and is a main sponsor of CNN that this “who cares” story won’t go away?
3. delusional
it is a known fact in the world that israel exists because of the US military. This pathetic article trys to brush off that fact and make it seem like israel is standing on its own two feet which is LAUGHABLE. Trump was right, he just shouldnt have said it publicly and exposed something that everyone knows already. goodluck tiny israel- you will need it soon

btw there is no way israel can defeat iran without us. you can barely handle gaza or lebanon. write an article on that bus
4. typical
Don Saliman   (11.29.18)
Typical of Ynet, never write anything positive on Trump, always find something wrong, even if it is not.
Larry Liss ,   usa   (11.29.18)
6. this article is spot on.
Volvi   (11.29.18)
7. Trump is a moron who says the first thing that comes
Shachar ,   Eilat   (11.29.18)
into his head. The daily parade of inane tweets and statements means nobody is going to remember any of it. Saudi Arabia regularly kills internal critics which it sees as traitors to the Kingdom. Turkey wanted to use the incident to win favors from the prince, nothing else. The incident is of no interest to the US and won't change their ME policy one iota.
8. In Case We Forget
joseph goldberg ,   gush   (11.29.18)
Uncle Donald is again reminding his nephew how dependent Israel is and will continue to bet on the US. No matter how offensive his statements are, Israel will not react. This is another example of his benevolent despotism.
9. some truths
C   (11.29.18)
kashooggi was a high ranking member of the muslim brotherhood, enemy
of the house of saud.
the murder of kashooggi on foreign soil, especially in turkey which supports
the muslim brotherhood was a big mistake.
however, the lamentations coming from western sources is nothing but
these same western sources were thrilled when obama made a sham deal
with the genocidal shia terror regime.
the world of islam is one of war and fanaticism which is divided
between sunni and shia who have fought each other for over a
thousand years.
islam knows neither peace nor humanity. all muslim countries practice
barbaric tortures. none are even remotely democratic. turkey itself
holds hundreds of journalists in prison.

10. No U.S. soldier has ever died protecting Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.29.18)
Israel needs to clarify this matter quickly. Israel does not need U.S. soldiers and never has. No U.S. soldier has ever died, in active duty, protecting Israel. On the other hand, thousands of U.S. soldiers have died protecting Arab states like Kuwait. And, of course, millions of U.S. soldiers have died protecting Europe time and time again...
11. I admit being tactful has never been a Trump strength
Cameron   (11.29.18)
He is classic New York blunt that offends mightily on occasion.

Just how the Prez rolls.

For the years ahead folks will, of necessity, learn to toughen up & drop the hurt bitch stance.
12. Excellent article. I agree with everything except that Iraq
tehraniporou   (11.30.18)
Is already iran’s protectorate and the Saudis are terrified because of this “imbalance”. One fact that you should not discount is the ambitions of a democratic Iranian government. It will not be motivated to pursue the self-defeating and idiotic policy against Israelis however when it comes to energy supplies, the Iranian will try to be in the position to set prices. Iran is well placed in the new Silk Road and unfortunately it’s flooded with Chinese products to the detriment of national products. Even rice for g.d sake is now coming from China. The next year will be interesting because there will a lot of upheavals when the supreme being will die of cancer. Everything can change for the better or for worse.
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