Why the March of the Living matters
Shmuel Rosenman
Published: 30.11.18, 23:24
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1. Obscene Jewish Power in Russia, and Obscene Jewish Wealth
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.01.18)
... in Europe after WW1, led to the creation of the Soviet Union, spreading of Communism in Europe, the 1932-33 Holodomor Holocaust mass starvation in Ukraine, resulting in backlash against the Communists and the Jews in Germany, and electing AHitler in 1933 with 44% of the German vote.

2. Roberto Feldman@FB
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.01.18)
The ''Arbeit Macht Frei'' Gates are at Auschwitz, not at Birkenau. I doubt that you have never visited either of them!
3. Wrong!
Stan ,   Israel   (12.01.18)
The March of the living has been going on for decades. This is proof that this is not the way to educate the people of Europe.
Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of shekels every year to bring Israeli children to Poland. With the same money equal or larger numbers of non-Jewish children could be brought to see extermination camps all over Europe.
4. world will not hear from us as long as we keep millions
Motti Kershenbaum ,   Tel Aviv   (12.01.18)
of Palestinians behind barbed wire in detention camps.

Anti Sem used to ve a racist illness. But now, it is a direct reaction to our pornographic criminality against the helpless Palestinians!
5. Frankly dear:I don't give a Flying F..ck where it comes from
all I want to is to fight it with all means at my disposal.
Education being the last "weapon"/resort.
It just doesn't work, never did and won't cure the sickness....
6. My late mother a survivor knew all along that
Al   (12.01.18)
the holocaust industry was intended to divest the survivors of their due benefits.

The survivors were scammed out of their benefits to build holocaust museums and other BS memorials. To 'educate' the next generation of anti-smites. To 'teach' them how Jews were murdered on a grand scale.

Stop the pretend...The only answer is not a march of the living but a very very strong determined Jewish Israel.

At the same time afford some dignity to those few surviving holocaust survivors.

They don't deserve to live out their remaining years in poverty and want.

Stop stealing from them!

Those of us Jews who dont get the fact that the goy will always hate us, simply dont get it.

There is no point in trying to educate those fools.

In time the goy will teach them.
7. Particular and nationalist message
of the March of the Living will hardly work as an antidote to hatred. Its current design focuses rather on strenghtening of Jewish identity, rather than teaching a universal lesson from the Holocaust. Also, its participants are young Jews, while it is the wider public, both Jewish and non-Jewish, that needs to be taught about the dangers of Holocaust and genocide.
8. MR
Eliyahu Kitov ,   safed   (12.02.18)
Author Sir, agreed, but maybe more to it then light minded youth. Maybe your explaination of the Shoa, - a/s, - is too obvious and simple to attract gravitas. Its too easy for a modern person, tribe or not, to look in amazement at the shoa, think to himself, could mere a/s cause this and simply float on. He cannot relate to it because he simply doesn't understand it. - If he should be one of the few who dig's deeper, he finds in accedemic studies of the Shoa, ghastly confusion and a proliferation of liberal-causes used as a basis for understanding the Shoa. Finally, the "accredited" martin brozert explaination reex of the pro-nazi appologist he is. i think the message is to clean up our own house, clarrify the understanding of the Shoa and strip it of its nonsense.
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