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Iran navy launches stealth warship in the Gulf
Published: 01.12.18, 19:15
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1. Israel's Mossad has already inspected destroyer and copied
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.01.18)

Iran's deepest secrets are in the possession of Israeli intelligence.
2. Based on top secret Bolivian navy blueprints
Roberto   (12.01.18)
it can use uncensored on board, thus locate its Mahan air cargo jumbos full of Chinese GPS gizmos for Hezballah's and Hamas' missiles; it can hide from sight from Amir Peretz's binoculars and it's so formidable, that it can catapult a shrieking camel strapped with explosives all the way to the outskirts of Manama in Bahrain!
3. Based on that quote, there is nothing to worry about
Julian ,   Stockholm   (12.01.18)
"This vessel is the result of daring and creative design relying on the local technical knowledge of the Iranian Navy"
4. facing the US Navy? good luck with that.
Rafi ,   US   (12.01.18)
a quick trip to the olam ha-bah
5. Why did they bother? Is this "attempt" supposed to impress?
SM ,   In the West   (12.02.18)
Absolutely pathetic. iranian dad's army. Self-sinking
6. Israel's truly stealth weapons will easily destroy Iran's
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (12.02.18)
"stealth" destroyer
7. looks like your average destroyer nothing revolutionary
zionist forever   (12.02.18)
Its got a lower radar signature because of its angles but most modern ships do that have been for decades does not make it a stealth ship.
AA guns & missiles, all naval ships have had those for the past 50 years.

They should also remember having a weapon is one thing but thinking twice about when to use it is also important.
Take on an American vessel and the US will retaliate by bombing Iran to the stone age, sink an arab ship and they will combine their forces and possibly even with help from Israel and take on Iran and the Iranian navy is no match for an arab / Israel coalition and in the air the arabs & Israelis are all using modern US and European planes whilst Irans new flagship fighter is a reverse engineered F5 and if they fire missiles on Israel and cause mass casualties the retaliation may well result in mushroom clouds over Theran so they should think before they act.
8. Iranian stealth warship
C   (12.01.18)
whatever you have we have better.
9. Really. ,,,,,, lol
I don't think this is exactly going to scare the USA Navy toooo much LOL or the Israeli Navy...might be quite a threat to the land locked country of Swaziland in Africa, would love to see it dual Hamas's elite naval force ....wonder who would win that stand off...
10. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (12.02.18)
stealth shmelth. a small drone that will not appear on radar will pinpoint 'stealth ship' and send missiles to destroy it. same with small gun/ missile ships supposed to block Gulf traffic. Israel and US are not to be played around with. .
11. 6
zionst forever   (12.04.18)
Just looks like all the other destroyers built today thats been around for about 20-30 years just has a LOWER radar signature ( no way stealth ) that traditional designs of ships which do not have all the angles etc.
Keep going Iran maybe you will eventually design something revolutionary for the revolutionary guards.
12. All that steel doesn't get blazing hot in the mideast sun?
David ,   Hartford USA   (12.04.18)
The US Navy can send up an F-35 at night, find the ship with simple infrared targeting and drop a 1000 pound bomb down its smokestack. Boom! All gone!

The Iranians will only know what happened when the life rafts mysteriously fall from the sky.

Then, of course, there's the Israeli Navy with subs resting on the bottom just waiting for Iran to make any kind of offensive move. Result? Boom! Ship all gone!

Or maybe the Saudis might feel threatened. How about 20 F-18s coming out of the sun and firing 40 Hellfires at it? Result? Boom! Ship all gone!

You really have to wonder why the Iranians went to all the trouble and expense to build the ship, considering that it's life expectancy will be shorter than that of the Bismark or Tirpitz.
13. remember the Iranian stealth jet
zionist forever   (12.04.18)
Anybody remember a few years back the Iranians announced to the world they had domestically developed G5 stealth fighter jet that looked just like the F22.
Experts studied the videos and photographs and came to the conclusion it was not even a real plane.
Couple months ago they unveiled their new domestically produced fighter rather than a G5 stealth jet it is a reverse engineered F5 which the US developed in the 60s.

The Iranians might have a very advanced missile program, but when it comes to developing conventional weapons they are a little bit slow
14. So stealthy the whole world knows.
NYNY   (12.04.18)
15. 74 in Kabbala = cover hide, = story bs.
NYNY   (12.04.18)
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