Police: Sufficient evidence to indict Netanyahu in Case 4000
Eli Senyor
Published: 02.12.18, 11:20
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1. Quite frankly the Israel police ought to given the
Al   (12.02.18)
Keystone cop award for continual incompetence.

The murder rate on the roads doesn't seem to bother them in the least.

The fact that thugs shoot at other thugs doesn't bother them in the least.

The fact that police patrols are non existant doesn't bother them in the least.

The list goes on and on.

Their big to do is to play politics all the while allowing the average citizen to be subjected to continual criminality.

In short they are useless.

Look at the average cop. He smiles eats like a pig and wears his uniform like a schmatta.

That alone tells you they are useless.
2. Thank you Leftist Media for boosting Rightist Votes !!
Right’sTidalWaveOnWy ,   Jerusalem   (12.02.18)
In the next election we will reelect him or Mr Bennett
Keep up the good work YNET !!! Now let’s investigste Ruth David corrupt Left Wing Judge Litman leftwing corrupt police chief for starters
Why have you in the Post Zionist Media stopped reporting on these criminals
We are confused you’ve been telling us for years you are the moral force here
Why have these criminal cases dropped out of sight in your moral sekf righteous media ...the Rightest Tidal Wave in the next elections is just around the corner and it will be thanks to you !!! Ruth David Litman ?!!
3. What a coincidence day before AlShekh leaves office
RightestTidalWave!!! ,   Jerusalem   (12.02.18)
Haida BiBi!! Tidal Wave of votes for the Right next elections!!
4. Fire Netanyahu - Cowards Don't Deserve Leadership
Gavriel Rechov ,   Swingate, Kent UK   (12.02.18)
5. opinion presented as fact
C   (12.02.18)
it is the opinion of the police that news articles published were based on
regulatory decisions by the prime minister as a quid pro quo.
it is impossible to prove that this opinion by the police is fact.
political decisions, including regulatory decisions, cannot be considered
to be fraudulent. all such decisions are political by nature.
6. livni says israel dserves a clean leader
jay   (12.02.18)
yes, israel deserves a clean leader. certainly not livni, a security ignoramus whose claim to fame in her mind was in dining with erekat, a liar and bs artist. her un resolution was a shameful results that did zero to stop hezbollah arms smuggling.

she and olmert screwed up the hezbollah war with a lack of creative counter strategy. no one is interested in her useless statements.

ehud barak?? really, want to go back to hitting empty builidings, running out of lebanon leaving tons of weapons behind and harming israeli deterrence. forget about him.

lapid, an olmert clone who may have his own legal troubles forthcoming.

gabbay-llooks and talks like a loser. makes concessions before the ink is dry.

leaders like Bennett, barkat, feiglin, saar deserve a chance to show what they can do. i would never vote for the media spanning center left. they brought us death and rockets from oslo to the gaza withdrawal. they want to withdraw more??????

you might as well move to new york or Poland. this is the theater of the absurd.
7. כל הכבוד
David ,   Haifa   (12.02.18)
We have competent police that are not afraid to take down any criminal.
8. Imagine Our PM traveling on the train. As Churchill did.
Eden   (12.02.18)
By himself. Without the rock star body guard. Imagine if he could speak to the people who do vote.

He might just become a great leader.

At the moment he is totally removed from the citizens of his own country.
9. "Sufficient evidence"
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (12.02.18)
Even if the police says so, it is to the court of justice, in a democratic law and legislation state, to make a legal and convincing decision, based on hard and clear evidence. Israel is not a police-state. It belongs to the free, human and democratic world.
10. Well folks: since the police says so, there’s no need for
a lengthy& expensive trial, just book him and throw in jail for whatever number of years police say he should serve...
That’s the REAL meaning of all this, right???!!
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