Second installment of Qatari funds to enter Gaza this week
Alex Fishman
Published: 03.12.18, 11:41
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1. What a way to run a 'government'
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (12.03.18)
Reduced to cash handouts in suitcases..which are EVEN SO furtively 'distributed' without accountability..

Hamas would rather THAT than reach any sustainable long term accomadation with Israel that would cease conflict, ease the blockade and enable desperately needed rebuilding to begin

But only when Gazans OPENLY DEMAND change from within can there be any way out of Gazas Hamas nightmare
2. 30,000 Palestinian employees not Hamas officials
Khalid Amayreh   (12.03.18)
3. paying for another 460 rockets? why do we let them?
4. Is our government crazy?
Hal ,   Tel Aviv   (12.03.18)
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