British report: Exposed IDF force posed as medical workers
Elior Levy
Published: 03.12.18, 10:30
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1. Hamas claims IDF was planting listening devices
C   (12.03.18)
hamas thinks we are all fools.
why would israel need vehicles and numerous idf soldiers just to plant
listening devices in gaza.
hamas has no idea what was the purpose of the operation. nor will
they ever find out.
2. thank you Hamas for being so vigilant, so brave, so alert
Sami Sami ,   Ramallah   (12.03.18)
3. why risk our soldiers lives?
send drones with bombs to turn the Gaza teroorist facility into a massive graveyard.
4. None of us know what really happened, so eat some Bamba...
KCH ,   Never Neverland   (12.04.18)
kick back, and enjoy life! Kahane Chai!
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