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Netanyahu's Case 4000: Cashbox for flattery
Nahum Barnea
Published: 03.12.18, 23:18
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1. Bibi got only favorable news coverage, but no money, hard to
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (12.04.18)
... believe.

"NIS 1 billion for positive news coverage"

2. The media is not the enemy?
Moi   (12.04.18)
For years my pro- Likud, pro- Netanyahu posts were screened and unpublished. Please do not play innocent. Look at the Hebrew version most of the anti Netanyahu posts are published, hardly any in support.
3. They'll be tearing down all the "Rabin"-plaques in this land
and replacing them with "Netanyahu"-this, "Netanyahu" -that!
4. bibi consistent
morris   (12.04.18)
he runs to trump, he runs to putin, now he runs to pompeo. whining about Iranian arms and factories in syria and lebanon. he issues empty and i mean empty warnings as if iran is going to stop. and why give your adversary time to change strategy.

lieberman correctly said you cannot be a wimp in the middle eastern jungle. bibi means well. oddly he is revered in some left circles because he does not unleash the idf in smart campaigns.

bibi means well. he should either hand the reins of defense to Bennett or galant. otherwise he is toast in the election to come. Israelis by and large are sick of his inaction.
5. not all of the media is an enemy of the people, only some
C   (12.04.18)
6. Corruption keeps Bibi in power
shachar ,   Eilat   (12.04.18)
It is impossible to stay at the top in a corrupt system if you don't play the game. Bibi has good instincts in using scams that are almost impossible to prove and works through fall guys to distance himself from the act itself. His ego was his downfall here. A negative media is actually much better for him electorally but his ego wanted assuaging....he wanted praise and took a silly risk to get it. His second fault was betraying his closest advisers and confidantes one too many times. He will continue to wriggle and scream but his case is lost.
7. Stop the BS..bring him to trial and let a judge decide
Al   (12.04.18)
Till then stfu.

Enough present evidence and be done with it..
8. How pathetic& needy of Lunatic Left!
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