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Jerusalem’s Hanukkah menorah breaks records
Inbar Tvizer and Eli Mendelbaum
Published: 03.12.18, 22:25
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1. Jerusalem & Israel need to celebrate holidays in bigger way
MorePazazPlease ,   Jerusalem   (12.03.18)
Than they do now all civilizations celebrate their holidays much bigger and splashier than we do Christmas lights of Paris NY Israelis flock to see them
Why don’t we ha e a spectacular winter Chanukah light Festival that situs draw Jews and non Hess here from Ariund the world
2. Amen
this human ,   Notmdwhumanhands   (12.04.18)
3. toot tall
Ari Majer ,   manchester   (12.04.18)
the maximum height permitted to keep the Menorah valid is 20 “amot,” approximately 960 cm., corresponding to about 384 inches or 32 feet. Which means that this one is actually pasul and invalid
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